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the milliner

Awesome. I just bought the fixings for s'mores this weekend after we got rained out of our planned camping trip.

Made one (s'more) for DS last night for dessert. But I like the idea of cookies way better.

Sooo trying these.


These look great - I am saving the recipe for next time I go to a potluck, since I figure living alone and making a batch = eating a batch in an afternoon.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Made them this weekend. Took some to the neighbors, some to a party, and the rest were enjoyed at home. Loved by all. Thanks for sharing.

Healthy cookies

You have given a good try and very delicious recipe for kids. for sharing with step by step menthod. Cute kids and im gonna give a try for my kids too.

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We made your cookies today and they turned out pretty well! MM wasn't fond of the way the marshmallows caramelized (he broke off the crystalized marshmallow goodness!) so this is probably the only time we'll make them.

There are only a few left though!!

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Thanks for sharing the recipe! We made your cookies today and they turned out pretty well!

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Awesome and so delicious cookies recipe ;) I already tried it and my kids were so in love with that cookies.

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Unbelievably unfair!!! How deuiliocs is this. I recently convinced myself not to give in and then this post came along. Oh well, there is always tomorrow In the microwave you say!?! Will give it a try Ms. Have a great weekend!!!


Thanks for your hard work on getting the word out on this. As a newly dngsioaed Celiac I am feeling the frustration of the lack of ingredient listings. BTW the cookies you sent with T were awesome!


The first thing i would make with this mixer is the dough i would need to make my moms strufela. It is ltitle fried dough like balls that you put honey and holiday sprinkles on!! Its a tradition i have kept every holiday season since she passed away in 1994. This would so help me out i have wanted one of these mixers for about ummm ten years!!!


I LOVE anything with ccuonot! Magic cookie bars are like my favorite or ccuonot pecan shortbread squares. Mmmmm! But, really, I don't discriminate between baked goods. haha! I love them all. Thank you so much for the chance! lisagoneaussie (at)


Alice Kay Maund - This picture makes me smile. It shears memories of the past, our days of preparation in the Parker Girl Kitchen Sweat Shop (the present), and a vision of future Christmases. I love you, mom

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