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As I sat next to my nursing friend last night, I was grateful that those days were behind me. However, you've reminded me that my work isn't done. Thanks!


Holy shit hear-fucking-hear! (as in: hear hear! with an a-fucking-men thrown in the middle). Can you please post this everywhere?


Yes, yes, yes! Moxie, I heart you.


Rockin'. I'm all over this one. Holy shit, hear hear, a-fucking men, etc.


This is excellent.

Thanks to the health care reform bill, time and space to pump in the workplace is now protected for many women. I think the cutoff is similar to the law we have here in CA- companies with at least 50 employees must provide this.

I pass that along because it flew under the radar, and when I heard about it, it just about made my day.


Love this to freaking pieces.


Yes, yes yes.


Amen! I'm on it.




Yes yes yes!!

In fact, I was just thinking when I was at the pool last weekend that I wished I still nursed during the day so that I could help normalize the nursing at the pool. Have you heard about all the complaints that people make at pools regarding breastfeeding mothers? Ridiculous!

Like @Cloud, I was thrilled when I heard about the protection for pumping moms in the health care reform bill. A place to pump must be provided, and bathrooms don't count. YEAH!!!


Thank you, as a currant Nursing Mom of a 21 month old this made me weep. I feel so strongly that I'm doing right by my kid but still feel this pressure from friends and family to justify why we are still doing this and I don't want to feel that way!!! I'm so proud to have been able to experience this relationship with my boy and can't even wrap my head around weaning!! So inspiring, thank you, thank you.


Very nice. I've felt the same way--about leaving behind all the division to advocate for better parental rights/leave in whatever guise is necessary.

It has occurred to me that breastfeeding, which was such a big part of my life for quite a chunk of time (5y2m straight), is something that my kids probably not even remember (!!! unless I have more), and I really need to talk about it more.


This is a topic near and dear to me. After trying so hard to nurse my first baby, and not being able to in the end, then trying even harder to nurse the second, and just now weaning at 5.5 months for various reasons... I feel that I've constantly had to justify my choices on how to feed my babies. And to who? The judgemental old lady at the mall asking why I'm not breastfeeding when I'm feeding her a bottle, then the very next day the funny looks from this guy at the pool when I'm breastfeeding her.

Thanks for this post, I wish more people just GOT THIS.


Amen!!! But... The old guys in the booth next door can pay attention to the woman with the low-cut top in my dream, 'cause breasts are multi-purpose and let's face it, it's understandable that some women like to show off their boobs and men appreciate them! And to me that has to be ok too - anything else would be pretending these wonderful things don't exist which is sort of defeating the point. But the men can't say anything gross and have to believe in their hearts that nursing is normal and natural. :)


I have a 9 3/4 year old son, a 7 yr old daughter, and am currently their 16 mo sister. We nurse anywhere and everywhere. It is their normal. When I do have to go somewhere more private to nurse, they know it's because the baby needs focus, not because it's not ok to nurse.


I have a 9 3/4 year old son, a 7 yr old daughter, and am currently their 16 mo sister. We nurse anywhere and everywhere. It is their normal. When I do have to go somewhere more private to nurse, they know it's because the baby needs focus, not because it's not ok to nurse.


Nice post! I am breastfeeding my now 8 month old and do it pretty much anywhere, anytime, and without apologies. I must admit that it's mainly because I'm lazy and breasts are easier than bottles. However, I think it's really important that I don't hide away while doing it...people should know how little babies eat. I love your suggestion to give positive feedback to moms who are feeding their babies. And chocolate.


Amen!!! Thanks moxie! I am breastfeeding my 10 month old and starting to feel a little "he's getting too big for that" pressure. Why is that when all of the relevant medical authorities recommend at least one year of breastfeeding?My son is so happy, healthy and attached. I know this is right for him. You give me strength. Bless you a thousand times over.

the milliner

Yes. YES!

What amazes me is how much women are told/given the verbal message "You MUST breastfeed" while also given the message (verbally or otherwise) "But don't let us see you do it."

Totally annoying. And I imagine similar conflicting demands are made on mothers who feed their babies formula.

I'm the last person that thought I'd be BF past the 2 year mark. But I find as I go that I get much more comfortable about expressing my views about it and exercising my rights regarding it, and not giving a crap if people think it's too long.

As I sit at the end of everyday, in the hall of my son's daycare, and BF my son, I do get some knowing and nostalgic smiles of encouragement (though no chocolate yet ;) ). And I also get some uncomfortable glances along with the rare negative comment disguised as a casual joke. I get quiet satisfaction for the last bunch that forcing them to confront the idea on a day-to-day basis will hopefully have a lasting effect on opening their minds and perhaps triggering a reconsideration of what is 'normal'.


This applies to anything motherhood related. I remember one time when my young son was acting up and one woman goes to me, "yes, they do go to college someday". And then smiled very nicely at me. It was just a subtle way of showing that she too had been in my shoes. I remember this 2 years later. It is esp. true when feeding your child. Whatever you choose or don't choose and have to do is your business and you are just trying to do the best you can. Solidarity. :)


Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I just started breastfeeding 7 weeks ago with my newborn and feel myself getting a little nervous about feeding him in public. I've found myself in a hotel parking lot that the local police frequent for their breaks... because it's that isolated! I haven't had a "bad" experience out with him yet but it's that cultural sense that something could happen with some very rude people once I would breastfeed more publically. We need to support each other in the way you detailed. Again, thanks from a mom in the BF trenches right now ;)




Moxie, YOU ROCK.


I have breastfed pretty much everywhere and try to always smile at women feeding their babies (it doesn't matter how). I've been waiting a long time to get a negative comment that I can fire up about but all I've had were some dissaproving or 'interested' stares. I feel lucky to be living in Sydney, Australia because very few of my friends have had negative comments.

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