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This is the most apt, brilliant, hilarious, perfect description of us that I have read in a long time. Love love love it.

PS I hate gladiator sandals, too. Ever since I read a tweet about them being cages for feet, that's all I can think when I see them.

After Words

Great tips! As a former NYer, I have my own opinions:

I don't do street meat (except for the Dosa Man in Washington Square Park and the Wafels & Dinges truck wherever it may be).

Restaurants are one of things I miss passionately about the city. I completely agree that chain restaurants should be avoided, and I highly recommend doing a little research before you arrive to scope out the restaurants you want to visit (the Chowhound message boards are a great start). For the most part, the really great food is not in midtown Manhattan, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

I do think the trip to the Statue of Liberty is worth it--especially the Ellis Island immigration museum--but if you want to go, go as early in the day as possible and buy your tickets online in advance. Personally, I'd love to take the ferry to Governor's Island (which only runs Fri-Sun), but I'm going to wait until I can drag my whole family with me.


Thank you for including the bit about knock-off handbags. They also fund terrorism and Asian sweatshops. Nothing pisses me off more than effing Canal Street...


There are a lot of fantastic food carts and trucks within blocks of the Hilton--check out

And amen on the capris+sneakers.

Anonymous this time

We're coming this weekend--nice timing--thanks! Love the SI Children's Museum suggestion. Of course, my boys really want to go back to the Transportation Museum to get more subway cars and t-shirts with their current ages on them.....


This is a really great guide. Love your sense of humor. I'm a southerner, but have spent a good deal of time in the city. Enough to appreciate all the things you touched on. And just, wow, about the handbags. I knew it wasn't good, but I had no idea how BAD it really is. Thank you!


That is so funny about the subway shirts for ages. Is it totally dumb that we never thought of that? With big kid and now with little kid, we focused most on "our" subways, the ones near our home that we use all the time!



I must now Tweet a link of this to the world.


I think I love you.


Ha! My daughter said "on line" yesterday. She's still a NYer!

Supra Skytop

I feel so exciting after reading your blog. Perfect! More reading more clever. Thank you very much. If you work more hard, you maybe do more achievement.


I'm coming for my 40th birthday in March. :)



I grew up on LI and live in Philly and I have never been to the Statue of Liberty LOL.

Never owned gladiator sandals. Ick.


I'm aghast that NYers have embraced the gladiator sandal, and am shocked that something popular in western Denmark is *simultaneously* popular in NY. I think hell just froze over.

Love your list. I want to go now. I mean, NOW.

Jen L.

THANK YOU! I am a former NYer, two years removed, and I laughed out loud reading about capris and sneakers! My best friend and I used to eat lunch at Columbus Circle and play "Spot the Tourist." That is always a dead giveaway. :)
Looking forward to being back in the city for BlogHer and can't wait to meet you!

Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things)

aha! I love this! I had no idea about Canal St. That is a whole post in itself! I don't care for knockoffs so I don't go there anyway, but I never really considered the terrible things they do. I mean I figured about the mafia but outsiders don't think of it in real terms you know? Very informative.

And is it stupid that I feel pretty good about the fact that I don't violate many of these things? I mean I have the pissed off don't F*** with me face DOWN. Hope to see you at BlogHer!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

Super duper love this! I've been to NY a few times, so I'm not crazy nervous like I was the first few times I went. The info about the sweatshops? I really had no idea. Makes me sick.

Miss TeJota

I know who cares, but there are 7-Elevens on W. 42nd and 93rd as well as E. 84th. I like a slurpee and maybe a crazy hot dog concotion every now and then.

Great post.


My sister lives in NYC so I visit pretty often and these are spot on. So funny.


These are awesome tips. I haven't been to NYC in AGES and was worried about taking the Subway at night, and possibly alone a few times. Particularly Thursday when I have so many parties to get to fast!


Aw, this post makes me miss New York!

Onceuponatime I worked in midtown and it always made me kinda sad to see families of tourists going to the chain restaurants in Times Square, when they could have a (cheaper!) vastly more interesting and tasty meal...basically anywhere. WHY???


I'm a midwesterner and I hate gladitor sandals (I mean, how long does it take to lace up and head out?) and I love capri pants with "gym shoes". I wore them to the Bon Jovi concert on Friday night and my BFF did too. And we saw many many others wearing the exact same outfit we both wore: khaki capris, black T-shirt, gym shoes.

G's Mum

Moxie - I am sure you saw the still photos for this in the Times on Sunday, but just in case, here's the video link. Very timely for your thoughts on gladiator sandals:


I disagree on the S of I. I love her, I love climbing up to the top, to me it is a wonderful experience. I love that people from all over the world are there (how often do you get to use your Italian, French and German all in one day?) and I also very much love the Ellis Island museum.

I don't look good in any of the styles you mention, but I do consider myself a New Yorker since I've lived here longer than anywhere else in my life. I say, wear what looks good on you and don't be too colorful. We don't do super colorful in the city, although summertime tends to loosen up.

Great post! People should know these things.


I didn't come to BlogHer (no money) but wish I could have. I would have NEVER brought, nor would I ever wear, gladiator sandals. And people who do should be tortured. A LOT. ;-)

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