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Some of you people are wrnneoidg why you attracted negative people into your lives? Really? You really think you are sending out vibes that the universe is responding to?I suppose it really all depends on what a person's definition of negative is when it comes to the decision to let go of people in your lives. If by negative we mean hateful, spiteful people who manipulate and cause a lot of hurt, then by all means, say goodbye. But if we are talking about people experiencing depression and/or are cynical, wanting to eliminate them from one's life is rather selfish, and comes back to the whole concept that we now live in a society dominated by the I am entitled to everything philosophy. I am entitled to have wonderful, positive people in my life at all times, I am entitled to always feel happy, I am entitled to have a great boyfriend/girlfriend spouse with whom I have fantastic sex etc, etc. It is cruel to ditch people because you feel they have too much baggage or are detracting from your own personal spirits so to speak but then again, I suppose it's rare for optimists and pessimists to be great friends, so maybe it works out. I for one, would rather not be surrounded by positive, successful, goal-driven people which I guess makes me a little odd, I don't know. Success is just a meaningless gimmick that some of us obtain, in part at the expense of others, even though many are not willing to acknowledge that; goals are mere distractions from the meaninglessness, loneliness and angst inherent in the human situation.Then again, essentially we are just talking about facebook, so who the hell really cares?


You've really helped me understand the iessus. Thanks.


With the bases loaded you srtcuk us out with that answer!

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