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Courtney Groeneveld

Do you have Flex Car or Zip Car in NYC? It might be worth it for you so you can grab a car when you want (and probably cheaper than renting).


We do, but it's still $15 an hour so prohibitive for more than a few hours.

parisienne mais presque

I've been carless seven years now, and it is starting to get to me, too. Granted, my husband has car, so we can go where we want together on the weekends, and our neighborhood has a lot of public transportation options, so I rarely feel trapped at home.

But I don't even have my French driver's license yet -- a whole saga in itself -- and I find myself dreaming of the day I can just go off to Ikea all by lonesome just for the heck of it, y'know?

ccr in MA

I absolutely agree with you about car=control. I do have a car, but the job I'm at right now is in the city so I'm taking public transit, and I hate being out of control, going by the bus schedule, and being screwed if there's a problem on the T, plus can't run errands on the way home ... ugh! I just am not a city girl.


I'm thinking you love the speed as well as the freedom. There is legal documentation of that fact.

Susan in OR

We just vacationed in NY (where I grew up) and found that MetroNorth has tremendous package deals for outings, both in the area and further afield. The train tix and the destination tix are discounted, and they give you specific info about getting from the train to the destination.
Of course, NY area destinations aren't cheap....

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oops posted my pglooay in the wrong spot! Threw my back out and so the challenge post didn't get up until now. These cupcakes were great. So sorry for the delay. hope I can still play along!


I'm so ready to participate this month! I <3 Cupcakes. Just cuurios, as I'm new to this, do you make a special album or just post on that date to your blog? Thanks. Jeannette {[email protected]} or


Awwww thanks! I just reetcnly did a redesign, so it makes me happy to hear someone likes it! And thanks for the sweet compliment about Mox. (And I just scoped your blog Bun is beautiful!)Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to see you again.


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