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Kathy B.

If you feel like venting, fling me an email; I'm a very good listener (and promise I won't give platitudes.)


ON line. Stand ON line in NYC.

You and Jen need a tutorial.


Mind the gap.

Cracking open and getting the anger out is good. Messy and painful but much much better than keeping it in and buried. Perhaps you needed to get to this point to really be ready for the love that awaits you?


Andrea, I really think I did. I mean, I *thought* I'd been through some experiences, but had never really, truly deeply just felt that "honestly, how the hell am I going to be able to deal with 50 more years of this?" feeling before. I've lost a lot in my lifetime, but had always retained a sense that the world was sort of vaguely benevolent. That's gone completely, so there's nowhere to go but up.

And, yes, I realize everyone else went through this at age 21. I blame my parents for making me think everything was going to be OK if I just kept Doing a Good Job.


Oh honey. The Doing A Good Job thing. I know it well--it ain't enough to live on.

Do let the anger play, do take time to be with it and the fear. Kurmasana (tortoise) is a great pose for this if you do yoga (I forget if you do) but try to do it with someone there. Breathe with all this stuff. It's not that it will go away, but as you face it it will own you less. And remember, the bad stuff hasn't stopped you from being amazing and doing beautiful things--you still get to own all of those things as you heal.

Be well, Moxie. Thinking about you.


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Thanks! Took a veeerrrryyyy long time. But was super fun, so tloltay worth it! Tonight I need to be more efficient. For the thumbnail strips, I use the collage feature on Picnik. Then I make the space in between white. Glad you like. The Detox is going well! Aside from really wanting a cup of coffee on this chilly, rainy Ohio day, I'm feelin' go-oo-ood! Thanks for stopping by!


Oh Rebecca I'm so sorry! I don't know what that error message means and can't see the cenmomt in the stuff that Akismet has caught. That is ironic indeed.Thanks for the feedback about Top Commenters as I said to Rob maybe I'll give it a whirl here. Trawling your regular and top cenmomters for highlights and links is a great practice too. I try and read as many blogs as I can of my readers and regular cenmomters but every so often I have to cut it back down again to make the reading manageable. Maybe occasional trawls is a better solution.Joanna


Oh dear, how ironic! Joanna, I just tried to leave a ceonmmt here for you a bit about my (largely positive) experience with the Top Commenters plugin and a bit about how I sometimes reward ceonmmters by trawling among their blogs for post ideas and link opportunities but I'm afraid that long-ish ceonmmt may be lost in the bowels of WordPress. I got a screen that said Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/tellin5/public_html/ on line 188 and a whole bunch of other lines too.


Tom, I agree with you that the best way to stop spam is to moderate plnrosaley, but it does depend a lot on the volume of spam you get it is not uncommon for me to log into my dashboard in the morning before I go to work and find over 100 piece of spam that Akismet has caught. On top of that there are still a good few handfuls of comments that sneak through each week to be visible on posts annoying my readers and giving the spammers the back-links they so desire. It's those ones that are often ambiguous, in which case CoComment is a useful second way of verifying.That personal touch is still best though.And welcome to Bright Meadow

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