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I'm with you, sister. I figure every day I get dressed before 2:00 is a victory.


Sounds like you could use more chocolate. I hope things get really fantastic for you.


I know it's hard. And I know you know it will get better. But for now, waking up is enough.


Hang in there. We are sending you all the virtual support you send us on a daily basis.

Colleen Pence

Been thinking of you and wondering how you're doing. One foot in front of the other gets you *someplace*. Keep moving and day by day things will feel better.


You did it when you were sixteen, you can do it now.


I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. Fish in the sea door closes window opens yadda yadda whatever yes you can punch me now. (I thought having someone to give a good virtual pummeling to might be more helpful than anything else at this stage).


:( Really sorry life feels so bleak right now. Thanks for checking in.


sadly, I know that state all to well. "the only way out is through". am sorry and am thinking of you. (shyly raising hand) might it be a good time for another "Ask Moxie 60-day challenge"? I know you've got a lot of projects on your plate over there, but have been thinking of doing one myself (was a bit too passive a participant in the last one!), and perhaps there are others that could also use that nudge to "pull themself up out of (whatever it is holding us down)". this time, we could try to help YOU through this dark patch as you've done so so many of us. hope some peace & lightness heads your way soon.

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Hi Barbara, good to see you. You prompted a great ciesnrvatoon about the challenges of blogging yesterday thanks. I also loved the way you replied to all the comments. I know it takes a ton of work to do that, but picking up and reflecting on the reflections that have come back to you is a way to make each reader feel extremely valued.I love the plug in it gives me a good overview of what's going on. I think there are other features you can use with it but watching it for comments whenever they come in is the main one I use it for.Joanna

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