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With absolutely no offense to The Rock, you should date a venture capitalist. In your next life. (I am SO ONLY KIDDING.)

(And how many people are you disappointing by tossing over the trained monkey assistants?)


Perhaps the ultimate terrorist weaponry is a weather-controlling machine.

Well, maybe dating a venture capitalist is out of the question but maybe you can meet a venture capitalist's nanny at the park and then meet them at a birthday party or something.

A Frugal Friend're a clencher too, huh?

pnuts mama

could you have an affair with a venture capitalist?

my grandma always told me not to make the same mistake she did- i should marry for money not love, and have an affair with the pool boy. oh grandma, you so crazy.

and btw, 40 degrees this morning? really? argh.


How about something sensible like a business plan. Then a date with a venture capitalist. One the Rock could approve.


I meant would approve (of).

Parisienne Mais Presque

If any of those good ideas require a programmer with working knowledge of web technologies, I may be able to help you.

Can't help with monkey ranching. Or the venture money, alas. (Probably not all that different a skill set, come to think of it.)


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My main problem at this point is that I have about 40 million dollar ideas, and no capital or staff to start them up. Sigh. And I don't even mean the monkey ranch--I'm talking actual ideas that could work.

The sad life of an underappreciated genius.. Smashing :)

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