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How long does a little tub of cocoa powder keep on the shelf? I know I bought my cocoa powder (Hershey brand with a little plastic lid that snaps down tight) five years ago to make mole. And I'm still using it for mole 2 tablspoons at a time. It's fine in that but cocoa isn't the main flavor.

Also, where can you buy potato starch? Is it a Bob's Red Mill product?


I think mine is Bob's Red Mill. I use it only for brownies, and go through a package in about 4-5 months.

Five years might be a little old for cocoa powder. I'd think two years was fine, but you might not get the intensity of flavor from five year-old powder.

I can't imagine having cocoa powder for that long--it goes too fast because of my chocoholic ways.


SarcastiCarrie, if you live in an area with a lot of Jews, go into your local grocery store now and look for the Passover aisle. Voila.

I have no idea where they would keep it otherwise though. Somewhere in there.

Here are my Pesach brownies:

pnuts mama

kate, your response made me laugh.

we are freakin out over kosher coke again!! now for it to go on sale at waldbaums 10 for 10...we caved and bought two bottles at full price anyway.

and, isn't underbaking the key to nearly all good baked goods?


When you say "stir in" do you mean with an electric mixer or by hand with a stirring spoon (wood etc) ? Just want to get these right :)


Stirring spoon (or fork). There's not enough batter for me to justify getting a mixer out, and if you're nice and fast it won't be a problem.


anyone try these with an egg substitute?


Vancouver, now you're just messing with me.;) I do have a vegan chocolate cake recipe, but have never tried it without wheat flour.

pnuts mama

these are in the oven right now- in honor of my aunt who is coming for dinner tomorrow and is kosher for passover. which is screwing me for appetizers.

kudos to your descriptions of the batter which were dead on. wow.


I cannot imagine trying to come up with regular kosher appetizers, let alone kosher for passover. All my favorite appetizers are something yummy wrapped in bacon.


OK, brownies have been made and consumed. I used the 5-year old cocoa and brand-new Bob's Red Mill potato flour. It was really good and very easy. It actually tasted good despite the fact that I got distracted by the hot stove and my almost-4-year old helping me and I accidentally doubled the flour to 1/2 cup, so I added 2 T more butter to try and thin it out and even with all of that, it was still good. So, not only is it a winner's forgiving, which is one of the best things about a recipe made with kids helping. Angel Food Cake is not forgiving.


My daughter was baptized yesterday (in a swimming pool, with a pool party w/all her pals after!), and one of her friends has celiac, so I made a batch of these, but it was really a double batch, because my pan is bigger than 8 x 8. Then I tasted one, and promptly made another double batch, because I knew everyone would want one! So a quadruple batch -- along with a huge white cake and dairy-free cupcakes (for the other pal with a dairy allergy) -- and there's all of three brownies left! Delish! I'm eating one of the last ones now, but fortunately have most of a bag of potato flour left and the recipe pretty much committed to memory. Yikes! This could be trouble.....


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These are very dense rich, moist brownies. I wouldn't make them with wheat flour anymore, because the potato starch keeps the moistness much better, IMO.


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