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Oh, Moxie, I'm so sorry. That's a tough situation to be in. I'm thinking of you.


Oh Sweetie I'm sorry. I give you a lot of credit for realizing it was an impossible situation and not trying to hang on.


So, so sorry... that is really rough.


Definitely Victorian. You should drown yourself in some vast novels.


That sucks. I'm sooo sorry, but am glad you found a teeny thin silver lining in all of this. Hugs!


I'm so sorry.

Kathy B.

I am so sorry.


I'm so sorry things didn't work out, Moxie. I hope your pain eases soon.


Sigh... I am so sorry. That really fucking sucks.

Abacaxi Mamao


So sorry to hear. Very Victorian.




Unless there is a vampire side to this tale, I'd say Victorian over Gothic. Really sorry that it didn't work out - lots of us are geographically bound with our kids and ex's - but it will eventually work out the way it should as long as you keep being so honest with yourself. You've come so far!

Amy H

Damn. Sorry to hear that. I know it must be tough. Hang in there.


That just really really sucks. I'm so sorry that it couldn't work out.


How very sad. I'm sorry to hear it.

Exes. Yeah.


I'm so sorry Moxie! That really really sucks.


Moxie, I'm so sorry. I hope you've got girlfriends on hand to bring you ice cream and alcohol.


One of the most panic-inducing moments of my own divorce was realizing that someone else now controls where I can and cannot live. Makes me feel like a caged rat.

I'm so sorry.


Sorry to hear the bad news.

Hang in there.


why do you have to make your ex move to move somewhere? Surely your divorce documents can't shackle you to the same city as he's in???????

Judy P

When people divorce they are stuck. If he asked you to move to a strange city and find a new job would you just say "sure!"

Judy P

correction - when people with kids divorce they are stuck.

You could move - you'd just have to give up your kids. Not an option, I'm sure so it isn't your ex who has you trapped it's your kids. And that's okay - kids trap us in so many ways.

parisienne mais presque

Moxie, I'm so sorry, and at the same time just way impressed with your honesty and self-awareness.

I wish I could be as lucid as you are when facing the difficulties life throws at me.


I'm so sorry...wish it could be easier...


Oh no! Just when things were looking so good, right? Here's hoping the knot in your stomach leaves quickly. Maybe it would help if instead of thinking your ex controls where you live (or you control where he lives) to think of it like: your family circumstances control where you live. That's true for a lot of people, whether it be divorce, job security, ailing parents or siblings who need care. Keeping your children well supported by making it easy to maintain a relationship with both parents is a blessing and a curse, and it's where you're at right now. It will be okay.

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