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Hoping for the best of all possible outcomes for you. And a laundry fairy, too (please send her to my house when you are done).

professor mama

Glad your Ask Moxie site is becoming more profitable for you in all kinds of deserve to reap the benefits of everything you've done for others. YOU saved me in my darkest hours.
You have my sympathy for the Sisyphean laundry. I have given up trying to control it.
I hope your nail biting is worth it. It sucks to have to wait....


Love the use of "sisyphean" professor mama! What an endless, exhausting task it is.
I was just teaching that term to my grade 7 English class last week in relation to a novel we are studying.

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Something else just fell into place that would make the good outcome work out really, really well. But, again, I have no control. I've offered what I can offer, and it's going to be another month or two before I get an answer.

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