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I had no idea I had so many thoughts about this season. I really only read your recaps and BooMama's because I'm in it for the ring ceremony only, and I like to be able to pretend for more than a commercial break that it has any prayer of working out.
But this? Whoa. Melissa rocked my world and I hope she has smart older friends or cousins who tell her, You're Too Young. That's All. You are smart enough and dead-on right about what *should* have happened to make this relationship work. But many men aren't ready for that until they're a little older.
Jason, though, may never be ready for that. Good luck Molly. I'm kinda hoping the after-after tonight is her saying Mr. Indecision is driving her crazy and she's outta here. I just don't think that any woman ever will have enough tricks up her sleeve to keep him from wondering who else is out there (I'm assuming the ex wife is alive somewhere, in which case, this is starting to look like a big old pattern.)
Anyway. Who knew I'd have so much to say on this? Probably just as well that I'm working tonight and won't be home to see the after-after train wreck!


Really, I just have the gift of sight of being in my 30s and watching this unfold from my couch instead of being in my 20s and living it.

That's probably why they mostly get women in their 20s (although I haven't watched other seasons)--because women in their 30s are not going to fall for this crap.

I can only hope that Melissa's parents are being kind, instead of "I told you so." Melissa deserves someone wonderful and normal who DOESN'T go on TV to find a made for prime time princess.

And wouldn't it be FABULOUS if Molly's daddy withdrew his approval after seeing how Jason treated Melissa? Wouldn't Molly be in pickle?! Is that why there is a part to to the post-finale?! That I'd watch.

But after more.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I did enjoy that Molly's first question to Jason was "What about Melissa?" And MemeGRL, you're right and I hope Melissa does have some older friends who can tell her that she's exactly right. Hell, it took me 35 years and an ugly marriage and tedious divorce to figure out I'm OK the way I am. National TV was at least quicker. I hope she gets only good things from this pain.

Kate, I hope you don't watch any more seasons, 'cause I'm afraid of your husband's wrath! ;)


I just read Chris Harrison's blog, and it sounds like the first "after" special was taped in January and the second one (tonight) was taped six weeks after that. So who knows what's going to happen--but I'd love to see Jason's smarmy ass handed to him on a platter. Not going to happen, methinks.


It's not over yet? Man, I thought we were done with this mess, but looks like I'll be watching tonight! I predicted Jason would end up with Deanna.. unlikely, but still possible! Now, in the harsh light of day, they actually seem like a good match. Crazy!

Moxie, you're spot on about Melissa having unexpected depths. Her wisdom really impressed me, too. I hope she can eventually figure out why she keeps creating & repeating the self-described "Dumpee" role in all of her relationships. Could it have to do with the fact that she has stuck that awful mis-label upon herself, and announces it loudly as she is getting to know someone? Like a sad, self-fulfilling prophecy?

Kate, you're spot on about everything, and especially about betting that Molly's daddy withdraws his support after watching how Jason treated Melissa. That whole controversy, and Molly having cried in the limo against daddy's wishes, certainly aren't making daddy look good at his club - and something tells me that his image definitely comes before his daughter's feelings.

To Moxie's question of "who saw that coming?" - a few weeks ago, I was reading the comments to one of Chris Harrison's blog posts (ep 6?), and some folks pointed out that they knew Melissa would get the proposal because the hand in the promo shots showed a woman with a pinky ring, and she's the only one who wore one. There was also a lot of bizarre invective directed at Molly for stealing Melissa away from Jason... which at the time just seemed unfounded and weird, but which has now come to pass. There had to be a leak.

Just as I never believed for a minute that "first base" was all that went down in the tent (yes, I believe it was Kate who noted it: so why the eff was Molly wearing Jason's clothes?), I don't believe for a minute that someone as pathologically risk-averse as Jason is strong enough to jettison one fiancee without having a second one all lined up and waiting in the wings. He's so Jerry Maguire like that. I needed a barf bag when he said that line about needing to find a woman who will make him want to be a better person.

I also thought Molly's tone last night was way too inappropriately "gosh, it would be so great to get together again" -- when she should have had NO IDEA that Jason had broken up with Melissa. Which, to me, means Jason and Molly had definitely been communicating while Melissa and Jason were still together. Not that this really matters - Jason still a messed up boy who clearly should not be in a relationship with anyone right now! I hope someday he will be able to find his bunghole with both hands.

Kate, I would totally love to see a Bachelor with women in their 30's who aren't having any of it!


@ hush, isn't he the dreamy soccer player (or fill in the sport here) you mooned over in high school but couldn't have, and now you would shoot yourself if you were chained to that mess?


"I needed a barf bag when he said that line about needing to find a woman who will make him want to be a better person."

Ick. Because he's not adult enough to want to be a better person on his own???


@Kate - Totally! And how did you know he played soccer?! ;)

I'm going to feel a real sense of karmic injustice in the universe if Molly and Jason show up tonight to tell the world they're in love, getting married, and are having a baby. Not that it will work out... as Moxie said, Molly is destined for a long road trip to Taos in 15 years.


Oh my gosh, you all have totally cracked me up today! I read Chris Harrison's blog just before this and also watched Jason on Jimmy Kimmel. Very interesting turn of events. Seriously, what the hell? Part 2?? I can't wait!


Anyone else read the Reality Steve blog? I stumbled upon it last night before the finale, and he was totally right about what was going to happen. It was very interesting to read about what his sources say was going on behind the scenes, and if it's true it's all just sick. I've only watched the past few of seasons (Brad, DeAnna, Jason), but I can't see watching another. So over it.


I'm disgusted by all of it, too - but of course I get what I deserve for getting sucked in to such a train wreck. The sad part is that I was really liking Jason for so long, and now I just think he's wishy-washy ass.

Last night, I kept waiting for Molly's shocked expression to turn into anger about how both she and Melissa have been treated in this whole fiasco. Her excitement at "getting another chance" made me physically ill. I feel bad for the little boy too, as it sounds as if he spent the holidays with Melissa (probably under the assumption that Melissa would be his new mommy!) and now that is being yanked away from him. It's all very sad.


"who will make him want to be a better person"

Wouldn't a good parent want to be a better person for the sake of his son? Ick, now let's get to Wednesday so we can watch Lost.

About the women in their 30s...wasn't there a kittens versus cougars bachelor? who won?


@ lwh, thanks for the Reality Steve tip. It's all so gross. But on the up side, I don't have to watch ATFR2.

Maybe I should kill my tv and go back to books. (Although I would miss Top Chef, which surely had some producer interference this season, if I had to guess.)


@Kate - Top Chef was a real let down this season. I thought Stefan should have won based on the finale, but that Carla was the true Top Chef - I just adored her. Hosea was good but honestly only second rate as a chef & totally lost my respect with all of that Leah hook-up nonsense.

Off to check out Reality Steve's blog so I don't have to actually watch tonight's train wreck!!

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