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I will definitely keep you in my prayers, Moxie. I don't have a formal prayer time (too scatterbrained and undisciplined) but I do pray throughout the day, whenever people pop up in my mind. Especially when I'm unloading the dishwasher, it seems.

I can totally understand how the Bachelor would stress someone out. All those women acting like ninnies! (Seriously - I can't watch, it drives me crazy. Yet I love, love The Millionaire Matchmaker!)


Last night, we had our first night of filming (in Hi-8) "The Lego Superbuggy Show". Maybe by the time R finishes his screenplay, we'll have the kinks worked out of our setup, and C can DP if R wants to direct.


Though I'm not a praying person, I'm definitely sending you positive thoughts. If my guess as to the nature of your aforementioned "elephant" is correct, I suppose all you can do right now is trust that things will turn out just as they are supposed to. Not to get too fatalistic here, but those countless times I've been rejected, heartbroken, sent through the ringer, etc were all setting me up to be in the right place and the right time for something great that truly was meant for me, but that I couldn't possibly have forseen at the time. So have faith (whatever faith happens to look like for you). But lock your doors. ;)

And The Bachelor just sucks. But if they ever bring back "The Pickup Artist," on VH1, now that is some good stuff. ;) And I'm probably the only one in America who thinks so!


You'll be in my prayers. I hope the outcome is the best possible one for you.


Sending you positive thoughts!

Kathy B.

I will pray for "the right outcome" for the elephant in the room. But, as you know, God's will (the "right thing") doesn't always match what we think it should be!

Hang in there; praying for the best for you.


I will hold your hand/kick your butt (as appropriate) if you do the same for me....probably via Facebook although we probably live, what, 10 miles apart? 12?


I can't watch The Bachelor either. The older I get, the less interested I am in shows that require backstabbing in the name of "strategy" to get ahead.

So instead I'm going to start stalking Gilles from DWTS. Man, Cheryl's got a ringer and she knows it.


Praying for you, of course. But more importantly, WHO WINS? Cats or ferrets? I think cats--although my beloved and neurotic orange cat sounds like a ferret (squeaky little meow). R may want to consider him for the hero's role. Not that I am a stage mother or anything.


You're in my prayers. Hope everything will turn out well for you and your boys.


I'll say a prayer for you, Moxie... but I also know that you are a strong enough woman to survive and thrive through life's highs and lows.

I'm also a big believer in the power of distraction. Dancing celebrities are nice and all, but they don't hold a candle to drag queens. RuPaul's Drag Race is by far the best thing on television right now. I can't recommend it highly enough.

pnuts mama

i'm with kate, i'll pray for you you know as well as be a voice of reason if necessary...i've never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings here but shows like the bachelor just offend me so deeply on an emotional and moral level (most 'reality' tv, in fact) that i can't even begin to say. they are depressing, showing the very worst that humanity is capable of on a one-on-one level.

and can i just go off topic here? did anyone watch er last night? doug ross and carol hathaway? helloooooo? i was all sorts of rosy and happy watching those two on screen together for the last time- and not to mention dr benton and carter? man, i miss the er of the 90's. sigh. now *that* was some must see tv.

hang in there, mama.


moxie, you are in my thoughts with great good will.

professor mama

@pnuts mama: CRAP! i didn't realize the series finale was last night! i missed it! loved ER in the days of carter-ross-hathaway-benton-etc.

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


I wnated to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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