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I am looking for the "thumbs up" thingie.

I love my kids too, but between the Pesach prep and apartment selling I might lose my mind. Like yesterday? When even dangling Sid the Science Kid did not inspire them to clean up the art project so an hour later I wound up tossing everything? Yeah.


I want to live in a commune with all my favorite people. I want the good cooks to cook for us and the crafty ones to make us curtains, and I want to earn money for us, do our laundry, and organize crafts, sports, and learning opportunities for the kids. I've given this far too much thought as it will never happen but it's my happy thought.

And I continue to watch LOST...and I have decided that JACK is the source of all evil. It's Jack's fault Ben is bad. Jack is evil incarnate. Of course, having it all be about Jack would feed his oversized ego, but still....

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This is such a sweet post. I love the photos of your ltlite girl. I KNOW I'll blink and my ltlite one will be in Kindergarten. It breaks my heart a ltlite, but it's also SO EXCITING to witness her turn into a ltlite person (with ideas, opinions, etc.). Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!! (And she looks so much like you, BTW. Those BIG blue eyes are just stunning!Melindab4s last [type] ..

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