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Maybe it came with eggs in it? Or, yes, the moths have good taste.


Perhaps it's very fine wool threads that are wearing through/breaking off. My wool sweaters definitely do this more than my cotton sweaters.


I do think moths prefer some kinds of wool versus others. One year I had identical J. Crew sweaters next to each other, but one was knit out of a softer wool and one was a bit heavier, and the moths devoured the softer sweater (i.e. the one I loved most) and left the other one alone.


If it's a favorite, perhaps you wear it more often and clean it less frequently. Moths are drawn to "dirty" clothes (a tough habit for me to learn as I loathe spending money on dry cleaning but loathe tossing cashmere in the rag bag even more).


I'd suspect months, honestly -- it shows up faster on fine-gauge stuff. Ugh. I've almost given up on wool because of them!


Actually, it could be simply that the twist on the yarn isn't as tight (does that sweater pill more, too?) or that the type of wool is less resilient (merino v. cashmere v. icelandic wool). Where are the holes? At places where the sweater would be rubbed at all? If not, then it actually could be moths, although I would think not if no other woolen items in your house have holes.

I'm a knitter, by the way--I don't just randomly have an obsession with types of wool.


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