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When you said "The Rock" I was seriously thinking you mean the ex-pro wrestler currently appearing in Race to Witch Mountain. And I thought "Girl's gone round the bend."

But whew. You haven't. Except in what sounds like a really good way.


Get rejected on the Bachelor and be crowned America's ditched sweetheart?

Why dancing on TV? Why not Ask Moxie-ing on the Today show? They let Hanna Rosin on; you deserve it more.


Ditto what Amy said, made me laugh :).

And we just got done watching the entire Buffy series -- all seven seasons. (Again, we watched it the first time around too.) Totally underrated series, love it. And it's even better to watch it on DVD because you get a lot more emotionally connected to the characters.


huge joss whedon fan! have you and the rock watched 'dr. horrible's sing-along-blog'? cause that is some good stuff!


I'm watching Dollhouse, too, and I really like it. My husband is on the fence, but I like it, and I'm not a major Joss Whedon fan - I've just never jumped on that bandwagon. I was very cross when I missed it on Friday night, but Hulu saved me!

At first I thought you were talking about the movie star The Rock, too. Too funny.


Am also watching Dollhouse, and getting more into it. Also a huge Joss fan, and seriously woman, you need to watch Buffy. Netflix it. Like, RIGHT THIS SECOND.


Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog is great, but what you really want to watch is Firefly, followed by Serenity. There are only about 18 episodes in the Firefly series, plus Serenity, so it won't take too long and it will be totally worth it.

I never watched Buffy, but I'm planning to get it for my birthday.


I am a huge Joss Whedon fan! I discovered Angle then Buffy after they ended, but was able to catch them when they were played like 4 times a day on cable and I was working from home. Then I got my hubby into it, and he bought all of the season of both and Firefly. They are all truly great shows. Excellent writing and character development. Great acting. Fantastic entertainment.

Yet for some reason, we haven't been watching Dollhouse. Just too busy with everything else going on to remember when it's on. Maybe we'll do better with the DVDs as we did for the other shows.

Glad to hear about The Rock (and that he's not the wrestler/actor)!

pnuts mama

just wanted to say that i would have been just as happy for you if you *were* talking about the rock.

i'm with you on dwts, as always.


I got one friend to read Ask Moxie, but I keep it a secret because once I tell, people will know I am SarcastiCarrie and then the jig is up.

I think I liked the name Granite McQuartz chance of confusing him with a B-list actor/wrestler (although he could probably get on DWTS). And it shows his sense of humor. On "special" occasions, my husband enjoys calling me Tipsy McStagger.


I watched Buffy while I was on bedrest. I still haven't gone back to watch the first season, but from what I understand that was the weakest one. If you see nothing else Buffy, you MUST watch the "Once More With Feeling" episode (really - I will even find a way to send it to you if that will help). That was the first thing I watched, and I was hooked. Haven't watched Dollhouse, but might get around to it once it's on DVD.


Oh, and Serenity and Firefly are good, too, but they're in a totally different vein - I suspect it would be easier for you to get into Buffy first (and then Angel, which had a rockier start, IMO, than Buffy). Same caliber of writing, and same level of engaging characters, but they're space sci-fi, not teen angst drama (which Buffy eventually veers away from--I was actually amazed and impressed with some of the themes that they tackled on Buffy).

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