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A sleeping standard poodle and a cat, two baskets of dirty laundry and a whoooooole lotta books. But my crazy ex (and there was one long ago) always preferred the mind games to the physical torture. Ah, those were the days. Not.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child & Siblings Without Rivalry.

A Pack-n-Play.

A long-unused tube of K-Y (need to get the mojo back after #2).

A beanie baby dalmation who has to keep me company when the 3-yr old isn't in my bed (or so the 3-yr old told me).

A lazy (redundant) cat.

A (broken) remote for the ceiling fan.


A zillion books

An Ab-Doer (oh yeah)

A pack-n-play

A ironing board so full of "stuff" that it'd take an hour of prep just to find it, let alone use it

Lots of laundry

An old bath ring

A Mary Kay inventory that isn't going anywhere (sigh)


maybe if I used bobbi's Mary Kay, I could use my K-Y.


The most dangerous thing in my bedroom is probably the folding laundry drying rack, which is covered in (very dry) laundry. But it'd also hurt a lot if I got smacked upside the head with the bag containing 28 bottles of ibuprofen. It'd be painful and ironic.


Waitwaitwait, hold the phone... "future sister"?


An almost 3 year old

Many, many books (kids and adult) & back issues of the New Yorker

Two laundry baskets (just emptied yesterday! after many many weeks)

jewelry box

dresser clutter (hair accessories, beauty products, cough drops, photos, etc. ETC.)

yoga mat

Dutalier glider and ottoman

hat tree (this is probably the most dangerous--the glider is too heavy to toss, methinks)


No cats, but a quilt rack, a small t.v., and yes, I would drown in the laundry.


A cranky deaf cat. A sleeping Australian shepherd. A whole lot of dirty clothes. A crib mattress. Several princess sippy cups. A stack of trashy romance novels. And a grocery bag full of orphan socks.


Books, a squash racquet, one of those stick on lightbulbs that we haven't installed in the closet, a magnifying lamp, and a Bryn Mawr lantern (light blue).


I forgot: I actually have a billy club on top of my dresser. That would certainly be the most appropriate thing for assaulting (although since it's under a bunch of clean clothes, I'd locate it more easily than an assailant and could use it to defend my self against a Pack-n-Play attack).


Summer, my brother is marrying her (let's just call her A, 'cause that's her initial), but since neither she nor I ever had a sister, we decided we'd just be sisters instead of sisters-in-law.


Moxie, if I were you it's the vat of quarters I'd be most afraid of.


pshaw. I could kick my ex's ass in my sleep with my pinky.

Rosemary Riveter

If my crazy ex snuck in at night...he would have to go through my husband, who would go right for the weapon stash in the closet, where we've got a couple of real swords, and a full-sized carved decorative broom we jumped over at our handfasting, I'd be throwing the week's shoes accumulated on my side of the bed, after I run out of shoes, I'd start with books. Crazy ex would likely beat a hasty retreat back into the hallway, where he'd be tripped by an (in)convenient cat or two and knock himself out on the tile floor. Hah.


damn I followed the link and well the finale is aired here next week. Stupis me! Of course there are big spoilers in such an article but I couldn't resist..


Pile of laundry (actually, small at the moment).

Laundry basket full of clean, outgrown toddler clothes needing to be packed away.

Bowl of spare change.

Wedding photos in need of official album.

Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion.

Pile of Cooking Light magazines.

Books. Many.

Knitting stash.


Where do you think you're going today? Done.


Is it? I don't think so. Thank you for sharing.


Hey there, great write up! Good job guys.


You are incorrect, I couldn’t agree with you more!


I agree with you, completely. Great photos.


So, Try this!


Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing!


I'm impressed!!! Anyway, see you soon!

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