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Granite McQuartz. Awesome!

It is amazing when you can just be yourself around someone, whether it's a friend or a romantic interest. I wish it could always be that way. I'm so glad you found someone with whom you can be yourself!

How did you like Serenity? Did you see the Firefly series yet? I just think it's so well done. I may know very little about this Rock guy, but if he likes Wheadon so much, he's already a winner in my book. ;-)


Haven't seen Firefly yet, but that's next up.

When my brother was telling me that he was dating the woman who's now his fiancee, he told me "it just seems so easy--I keep wondering if there's something I'm missing!" and I thought that was funny. But now I get what he meant.


Hey, I got one of those telemarketing calls on my cell phone last week, and just didn't realize it. (It went to voicemail because I never answer calls from unknown callers.) I didn't really pay much attention to it until it said unless my recalls were taken care of, my car warranty would expire. Knowing that I do have some recalls that I need to go in for, I just thought, "Huh, yep, should really do that." and promptly forgot about it.

Good to know. No idea how they got my number but it pisses me off.


I am getting those same calls! On my cell and on our home phone. I have both numbers in the national do not call registry and I have never received any other type of telemarketing call on my cell. Sorry you are getting them, but I feel strangely better that others are too. Glad you are having fun in FL!


Firefly is great! After we saw Firefly, I actually took my husband to one of the charity screenings of Serenity a couple years ago for his birthday (before we had our second daughter). It was really a good time (it was a midnight showing, with all these obsessive Firefly fans, which was hilarious to me) and it was for a good cause (Joss Whedon's mother founded Equality Now).

Glad all is well with the Rock. Florida is great this time of year too - such a pleasant change from the gray dismal-ness of the northeast.


I'm glad things have been easy and fun. That is how it's supposed to be. :)


If you have access to a business-class phone system, you can change your caller ID to be whatever you want it to be. That's why you will often get calls from doctor's offices, etc with 000-0000 as the number.


I get those calls, too. I always talk to the rep about getting a warranty for my 15 yr old, 200K mile car. They hang up on me, but keep calling back.


I, too, have been receiving those calls in Toronto, on a cell phone, as has almost everyone else I know. There are periods where I receive them several times a week, followed by a lull, followed by more phone calls. And like Jessica, I've never received any other telemarketing calls.


Dude, those calls come all the time over here. They're definitely a scam, BTW, so don't ever, ever give them info. (I know, I know, that kind of goes without saying).

Anyway, they always come from various places and always are talking about my car warranty. Except if you actually get on the phone to talk to someone, they ask YOU what your car make and model is. Shouldn't they know that already if they're calling about it? Whenever you ask, they get huffy and either hang up or claim it's for "verification". They piss me off, frankly. Because despite asking them to stop freakin' calling me, THEY WON'T STOP! *ahem* Sorry. They're a bit of a pain.

So glad you're enjoying FL! And your company :)


AI was preempted by Obama and will be on tonight instead.

Have you not come out to the Rock about AI? Or do you just not want to interrupt your vacation with Seacrest? The latter is understandable, but the former shoudl be owned!


Apparently the calls are a big fat scam. Someone my stepdad works with actually had a car warranty about to expire and mistakenly called the number back thinking it was legit. He gave him his credit card number and they scammed him for some amount of money.


oh moxie.....reading your updates is like looking into my great to hear the peace and happiness in your voice. i am making babysteps.....#2 was born on 2/4 and all is going great. 2009 should be a TRANSFORMATIONAL year for me. so glad you have found your happy place in life. can't wait to find mine. i am getting closer every day. hugs to you and thanks for your words of encouragement over this past year.

Kathy B

Yes -- there is a method to 'broadcast' a different phone number than the one you are calling from.


Firefly & Serenity are great. Next, you must try Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, if you haven't yet. Like a lot of Whedon's stuff it's hilarious, yet sad.


Firefly, Serenity, all well and good. AI - OK. But Lost is heating up! Lost! LOST....

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


Serenity was absolutely greoogus! It gets even better when you watch the Firefly episodes. My advise is: BUY them. That's the only thing the producing companies understand, money. Even though the film didn't do that good in the box office, decent DVD sales might help Whedon to persuade them for a telefilm as a follow up.Belechael


Interesting. I went and checked again, and when I clckeid on the Act I link, I got a page with a big empty space in it and a Download on iTunes badge. I assumed it had already been taken down. Looking at the source, I see that it does have some embeded content from, but for some reason, it's just not showing up for me.


Thanks, DC.However, it is worth noting this is not an oiciffal UAH page (that's run by John Christy). This page is under the control of Roy Spencer.I didn't know this! Very interesting info.However, one could question the timing of the change, since the problem was known for a long time before.That's exactly what I question, not that it's so important. The news that Spencer is behind most of it makes sense. I always thought he was the more pseudo-skeptic of the two. I actually don't have much of a problem with Christy.


Brillian return by Fringe. It was a very revnalieg episode as we now know the agenda of The Watchers. The theme of the episode was to show the devastating consequences of Walter's decision to steal alt Peter and bring him to our universe. Something as simple as Peter not catching a butterfly when he was supposed to resulted in another man losing his son. And I'm sure there are alot more and more serious consequences that we have not been told about yet otherwise The Watchers wouldn't be so involved. It also reinforced what we already knew ..that Peter is the key to this all. Will Walter be able to sacrifice him in order to restore balance to both universes?


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I haven't listened to the pcsaodt yet so not sure how Clint connected Zac Ephron to Lou Ferrigno. Can you use Firefly as a step? If so, its not too hard since Lou was in an episode of Chuck which costars Adam Baldwin.Zac Ephron was in Firefly with Adam Baldwin who was in Chuck with Lou Ferrigno.I downloaded the pcsaodt and will give a listen on my way to work tomorrow. Then I can see what Clint came up with.Thanks, Scott from Birmingham, AL

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