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Happy belated birthday, R! Sounds like a great party.


Moxie, with all due respect to R, I'd really like to know what sort of discipline you use for the kind of behavior you're alluding to. My older kid is only 3.5, but kids are kids and I was a little conniver/rule circumventer as a kid and am preparing myself for my mini-me. Do you use revocation of privileges? Grounding? Extra chores? "I'm very disappointed in you"?

Maybe this is an Ask Moxie question...

And I have no clue what happened on the Bachelor, except for their description of the situation on Countdown (!). I haz a confusion.


Sigh. What child hates cake? (Then again, one of mine refuses ice cream. If it's not sensory--it might be--then I don't understand it.)

I can't deal with all the planning, probably because I find hosting the party so stressful. I don't want any part of it. Aren't I a grinch? I blame it on having to plan/cook for every weekend. (And host a lot.)


Melanie, he connived to filch the answer to my secret question out of me so he could use the Wii to connect to the internet, after he and I has specifically talked about how I didn't want him going on the internet on the Wii.

So, phase 1 is no Wii for two weeks. (This is a big deal to him.) Phase 2 is going to be a serious talk about how it was just doing something he knew he was not supposed to do, but the larger issue is betraying my trust. I don't expect him to exactly get that at this point, but I'm hoping to start building a framework for talking about integrity and living up to commitments to other people as being primary.

Kate, he also hates pasta, including mac and cheese. I sometimes fear that he's not actually American.

And if I had your hosting/cooking schedule, I'd run away to the circus.


R sounds like a really smart kid! I have a ton of respect for how you're handling the issue.

I also learned pretty much nothing from ATFR2 (via Reality Steve's account of what was going to happen & he was right about all of it.) The only thing I gleaned from the blog commentary after the fact was that "I followed my heart" is a completely meaningless expression. After all, Charles Manson was just "following his heart," too, right? heh heh ;)

I also heard that Jason repeatedly said Molly is now his best friend.. funny, wasn't that exactly why he claims he sent Jillian home? Oh, and one more thing I learned - people get a lot less attractive the more jerky they show themselves to be.


Hysterical recap from my #1 news source:


@Kate - Oh how I heart you so very very much for that incredible link!!!

"Dudes, this is the issue. He wants the harem. Jason is a DOUCHE." AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


The Douchelor.

Can we just say that 45 times in a row?

Also, based on reading Reality Steve, I'm not watching any more Bachelor again. But I am going to read Reality Steve every day.

pnuts mama

i love bday parties, planning the theme, doing the prep, hosting them, watching folks enjoy them. i try really hard to get my sh*t together so i can actually be out there and enjoy them as well, but so far, no.

this year i am trying to convince the pnut to pick tinkerbell as her theme so we can do a combo peter pan/captain hook/tinkerbell party with the bean...i want to make the back deck or swingset look like a pirate ship and the other like neverland island. but she wants an elmo party! i was like, dude, you're gonna be 4. elmo is so 2. sigh. we'll end up doing what she wants, of course, but, sigh.

also, props to you for handling the wii situation. is there a way to disconnect it from the web? our friends are letting their kid use the web and i just don't even want the pnut to even get anywhere near that. not even a little bit.


pnuts mama, you can make it so you can't go on the web. That's how I had it set. He wanted to change it so it could go on the web, and couldn't figure out my PIN, so he got the answer to my secret question and got in that way, But then couldn't figure out how to set up the wireless access...


oh man, i would have been LIVID.

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anne, i'd cry too if someone gave me the "death is csleor than ever" cake, but they'd be tears of LAUGHTER! i'm ROFLMAO over the fact this was actually posted on my birthday. i'll consider that close enough to receiving it, since i don't like cake all that much anyway :Dword V: hystor i think these cakes are hystor-ical!


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