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How sucky all around. Sorry to hear that NYC has lost its appeal, as it so often does once we have families, for all of the reasons you just listed. I lived there years ago when I was single - and it chewed me up & spat me out on many occasions. But I still long for some of those incredible restaurants.


Admittedly, I didn't live in quite as urban an environment as you do -- we all know that DC can't compare to NYC in terms of pure city-ness -- but life is so much easier now that I'm living in a small town.

I thought I'd miss the city a lot, the buzz of it, the excitement of being somewhere where Important Things Happen. It was a bit sad not to be in DC on the night of the election and for the Inauguration, it's lonely here without my neighborhood parent posse, and dear Lord do I ever miss Ethiopian food, but the rest of it? I don't miss AT ALL. I don't miss the gunshots or the foul graffiti on the playground. I don't miss the sidewalks littered with broken glass and used condoms and crack bags. (And I lived in a nice part of town. Eesh.) I don't miss the rats and mice that occasionally invaded my kitchen, or the traffic, or my always-yelling bitch of a neighbor.

I hope you find your place where the livin' is easy.


I'm sorry too! We live in downtown Chicago and it's about time, I think, to move. Sure it's great and fun and exciting and probably *can* be an awesome place to raise kids BUT with the tax dollars we're paying (we own a townhouse) it would be swell to be able to send our kids to a public school. That's not an option in our neighborhood and we can't afford to live in the areas where there are good public schools. Plus, the congestion and the safety issues that come with living in a major city. Our neighborhood crackheads tend to keep to themselves, but still...

Suburbs, here we come! Ya'll are crazy out there, too, but in a different way. :)


We have a cheap landlord in the suburbs who doesn't much care that our house is crumbling around us either.

Where do you want to end up and can I come too?

pnuts mama

you come on out to queens, mama- just don't make the mistake my parents did and move into a house 2 blocks south of district 26. cause then r&t will have the joy of an insane mother crying her eyes out over the prospects of sending her children to an overcrowded substandard crap school in district 29 with no gym and no auditorium and behavior problems and low test scores (but any improvement is progress, they tell me) and three principals in the past 4 years. god help me.

seriously, if you have to stay in state (or in area) queens is really cool- way more multi-cultural than brooklyn and with way less bourgeois offense, folks from brooklyn, if you're reading this you're probably not one of those people, but you know who i'm talkin about. oh yes you do.


Moxie, amidst the replastering/repainting chaos, are you watching Lost these days?This week's ep was a gooood one.


what, praytell, its a junkies' fist fight?


dude, I am right there with you with the shitty building and shitty landlord etc. You know how I was complaining for 3 months on Facebook about the hole in my bathroom ceiling? (leak upstairs, took them forever to fix it, ripped the ceiling open "to let it dry out" in the meantime.) When they finally fixed it, they just taped over the hole with drywall tape and plastered over that. Didn't even remove the chunks of ceiling that were hanging down from the hole, so now our bathroom ceiling has a huge bulge in it. And the kicker is that the very same night, the upstairs neighbor was taking a shower and a new stain appeared in the fresh plaster from another leak. grr.


Hey, BrooklynGirl! Good to hear from you.

Moxie, I hope this feeling abates as the weather warms and you are able to escape the apartment more.


junkies' fist fight I think would be an actual brawl between two people who are hard up for drugs (you know, junkies). I assume these are grown men fighting and small children watching. In any case, that sounds scary even without kids in tow.

I used to joke that our urgent care place (here in the suburbs of chicago) was the local methadone clinic. Turns out I was right! Eeek.

Come back to the Midwest. We'll have jell-o salad and things with marshmallows. Or tapas! Yay Chicago.
Oh, and Yes to LOST. (Am I the only one who watches Chuck on NBC? I love that show. So much unrequited.)


Hi again - I've been thinking about my comment and am worried I came across as not supporting your desire to leave NYC.

I left the comment based on the fact that I think I remember posts in the past about the good things about raising kids there. Of course, that was before you were a single mom and everything else that has happened in the last few years.

You, of course, know what's best for your family and when you see your son engaging in behaviors that are contrary to everything you stand for, a new environment sounds like a darn good idea.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best!

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


Mel You just made my day. No, really. I gaespd when I saw I even had a comment, but when I saw your little face next to it I did a little happy dance! I love, love, love Adventuroo (and Momcomm) and I'm so excited that you not only checked out my little blog, but that you are my first comment EVER! Thank you for visiting, for commenting (yay!) and for writing a creative and entertaining blog that inspires me every day to learn more, write more and make the best blog I can make it.I'm off to clean the fridge!Thanks again,Andrea


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