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Molly creeps me out. She's a little Stepford-y. Melissa's lack of family support is going to freak out Jason. Shit.

Meanwhile, can we talk about how these women are so perfectly pressed and presentable always? At the intimate dinners, he was in a sweater and jeans and they looked like they were on the way to some prom for grownups. Is the winner going to wear makeup to bed? (Not that the 2 finalists use a trowel to put it on or anything, but still. Until he's seen you in sweats and running a fever, where's the lifelong commitment to reality?)

And how is Jason not a little bit of a slut for bedding these three women in a single week?

Just....argh. Every time I watch this I just feel wrong.


I am a little concerned about how Jason goes off and does the emotional let-down thing. Is it staged, or does he really feel like that? It looks staged. But I do think he knows himself and what is good for him, and kudos to him for that.


So after the most recent preview, I'm thinking Deanna's just come to offer advice rather than try to get him back. I think they twisted it early on to get us hooked--they knew we'd have to see what happened. Anyone else get that feeling while watching scenes?


I agree....I don't think he's going to get back together with Deanna. Men are wired differently than women....I don't see him going back in time.

Sad about Jillian, I was thinking she was great for him, but am confused about the "no passion" thing because he looked like he was pretty passionate in that hot tub with her. I agree with the pp.....watching all that making out feels really creepy and icky. I can't even imagine being ONE of those women who has to watch it all unfold after the fact.

And congrats Moxie on the new boyfriend. enjoy!


I'm very dirty minded, and so I would love to know exactly how far he got with each of the 3 lovely ladies (& with Molly a few episodes ago in the tent.) My guess is that everyone put out except Jillian, who didn't get past 3rd base... just my hunch.

It seemed to me that his stated rationale for sending Jillian home had a bit too much to do with the semantics of her idea that successfully married couples, like her grandparents, are best friends. Like he was twisting her meaning in a more asexual direction that she didn't necessarily intend. As though "best friends" and "marriage" are simply 2 totally opposing concepts in his mind. Fair enough, though it really just seemed like semantics. I think the truth is, he's just not that into her sexually, and that whole discussion was a kind way of skirting the issue.

I tend to see Jason as motivated by risk-aversion: he does not want to be rejected on national television yet again (and can you blame him?). I think this fear led him away from Jillian (the least obsequious of the final 3), mainly because she wasn't so unbelievably, annoyingly certain about him as the other two.

Molly & Melissa are so unsure of themselves and seem to really be lacking for true parental love/acceptance. But neither seems to have any awareness of this. Of course they followed the so-called script, and said all of the right things about being madly in love with him, yadda yadda barf barf. I just found that hard to believe - like they're fooling themselves completely - because that's what they think you're supposed to say when you're 25, very cute, haven't had any real adult relationships yet, and are hooking up with a very nice guy on reality tv.

I'm still saying he picks Deanna. Part of me thinks the dramatic twist referenced this week could also have to do with a pregnancy scare from the little tent encounter....

Kate, I agree about everyone looking great all the time, except for Melissa's turquoise dress during the rose ceremony. Prom 1992 called and said it wants it back! :)


@ hush: what about what Melissa was wearing in the video message?! The Flashdance top!


@Kate - oh how did I miss the Flashdance top! Yikes!

@Moxie, I hope The Rock is ROCKIN' your world!!


Hot pink and off the shoulder. I was hoping the camera guys would pan to her feet if there were leg warmers involved.

pnuts mama

two things:
first, whenever pnut says "i smell something!" our response is: "is it what the rock is cooking?" and now she says, "no, it is *not* what the rock is cooking!" - it has never occurred to her to ask us who the rock is.

second: speaking of flashdance tops, lately the pnut has taken to wearing an old headband of mine (that i used during both of my labor/deliveries!) as a sweatband, which is pretty damn funny on a 3.5 year old. in response, we have been singing "what a feeling" and doing the super-fast running in place since it just seems right.

pnuts mama

i don't know what is wrong with me besides lack of sleep and the obvious need for giving up blogs for lent- we don't sing "what a feeling" (i mean, we do, but) we sing "maniac" -duh.

MBT Shoes

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