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Are they trying to KILL me??! What happened to Aaron? Did Kate do the heart-wrenching but ultimately (IMO) the right thing and confess everything to Claire mom's and give him over to her? If so, wow. That's a doozy.

And what the bloody effing hell happened to Ben? We can only assume he was all busted up because he - please God - tried to kill Penny? I'm telling you, she had better be alright, and baby Charlie, and Desmond or I'm going to be pissed!

Oooh, this show is good.


Why did Locke need something from Christian? Where is Aaron? Where is Claire? I hope Sayid kicked Ben's ass. Last night made no sense. Why didn't Eloise care when Desmond mentioned Daniel? ARRRRRR.


My thought was that Kate killed Aaron (because I'm all shiny happy like that), but oh dear golly, giving him to Claire's mum would be infinitely better.

My husband asked me why Ben was all banged up (he had left the room to check on screaming child #1). I said, we don't know but I bed Desmond beat the snot out of him when he went to kill Penny. He was at the harbor when he called Jack.

Locke needs something of Christian's so that he can be a surrogate for christian's body (which was on the first plane that went down). Ben is serving as a surrogate for Locke (perhaps he needed to be bloodied to do the surrogate for the wheel chair?).

And Sayid is in some sort of custody as Kate was....

I loved the way Hugo bought all the extra seats on the plane thinking that it would crash and he didn't want innocent bystanders.


Yeah, I couldn't decide who beat up Ben. Since he was at the marina when he called Jack it seemed like it had to be Desmond, after Ben tried to or did kill Penny. But on the other hand, I'm still perplexed about Sayid and Hurley. Hurley was in jail--yes, the lawyer said they thought they could get him off, but how did he know to show up? And Sayid appeared to be in custody (sort of like Kate was in custody the first time) so at first I thought maybe Ben somehow talked him into breaking Hurley out of jail, and he got caught...and that somehow they were extraditing him --to Guam? And that didn't make any sense. So then I figured maybe the lady who has him in custody is one of Ben's goons, and it also seems likely that the goons who have been trying to tranquilize Sayid for the past few episodes are Ben's goons--Ben knowing he needs to get Sayid on the plane, alive, one way or another..... (The fact that Ben was the one who sent the lawyers to Kate makes this seem even more likely...)

Are we assuming that when they land on the island that they have time-jumped into the Dharma era,where Jin has also apparently time-jumped, since Jin is using the brand-new VW and has the Dharma jumpsuit? I'm curious to see, now, whether he has a memory of the "future" and his old friends. (He seemed to recognize them.) Is it possible that Sayid and Sun time-jumped to some other time? (And the coffin?)

Oh yes, so much to think about......


Oh and one more thing---who was the guy who offered Jack condolences at the airport that they kept focusing on in the plane?

(And, will Frank also end up on the island?)


I can't see Kate killing Aaron. I can see her sending him to S. Korea to live with Sun's daughter (Sun alluded to this in the last episode when she told her daughter she had a new friend to play with...) I think Claire's mom's appearance a few eps back was a total red herring. What was most perplexing was Jack's oh-no-big-deal reaction to Kate demanding he never ask her about Aaron - "ok" - Jack kind of sucks. Would he really be that blase about it?? He just really wants Kate that badly to the extent he wouldn't give a crap about his own nephew?? I think he knows Kate wouldn't have harmed Aaron.

I wonder if Ben's people are were holding Desmond & his family hostage (literally or virtually), and if that's how he brought about Sayid and Hurley's sudden change of heart about getting on the plane. Perhaps Sayid beat him up out of frustration? I'm also wondering if Ben did hurt Penny - and if this would necessitate Desmond going back to the island to somehow reincarnate her. The "Canton-Rainier" anagram on the van = Reincarnation, plus the Thomas the Apostle painting in the church, plus seeing Locke in the preview for the next episode makes me think that's where the show's going.

I wish they hadn't shown Jack, Hurley, and Kate in the lagoon at the beginning of the ep - I would've liked to have been surprised a little more about whether or not they were going to successfully get back using the plane.

Cool twist with Jin as a Dharma guy to show that they arrived in the past. I definitely think Jin knows who he is and who they are.

I think Eloise Hawking just didn't want to tip her hand to Desmond. I'm sure she is worried about Daniel but would gain no advantage but showing that to the people present.

I think the new characters should be great - the airport guy is from the movie "Hideous Kinky," and the woman guarding Sayid is from "The Namesake." Can't wait to see who they are & how that all plays out.


Oh, and I am so glad we got to see Jimmy Buffett flying the plane! Yay. I hope he didn't wind up on the island because then you have a plane over the ocean with no pilot.

I'm guessing Charlie told Hugo to be on the plane (or maybe AnnaLucia or Libby), and he got out of jail just in time thanks to Ben's lawyers.

Definitely think Locke is being reincarnated. The preview for next week pretty much assured that plus the Ben-Jack story in the church thing.

I hope everyone jumped to the island at the/in the same time/era. It's too much to follow if they didn't.

Hawking. I just keep thinking about why her name isn't Faraday like her son's (although, to be fair, my sons and I have different last names). But Hawking, Stephen is a theoretical physicist (Brief History of Time), so I'm guessing it's another homage to famous scientists and philosophers.


More thoughts:
*Ben calling from the harbor is most likely a red herring since Desmond (and family) must have flown to LA. It would have taken them far too long to sail there from Britian. BUT, that doesn't mean Penny is safe. I sure hope she is, though...

*Sayid seemed surprised and maybe unwilling to speak to the rest of the O6 when he saw them on the plane. Why? Who is that woman exactly? I kinda think things are not exactly kosher with that arrest. Does she work for Widmore?

*Kate and Jack - did they make a baby?? Is she the proxy for pregnant Claire? Would she even have known about that? She didn't seem to understand about Christian's shoes.

*I'm not convinced that Locke is reincarnated. I think he's kind of a ghost like Christian (and Claire?).

There's so much which happened off screen, so much fodder for future episodes!


It just occurred to me that Sayid was in the woman's custody on the plane as a proxy for Kate and the US Marshal who had her in custody on the original flight. I bet Ben arranged that - maybe that's why Ben was beaten up - he goaded Sayid into it so he could have him arrested and perhaps charged with one of the many crimes he committed overseas while he was Ben's assassin.

@Ladre - I think you're right about Ben's calling from the harbor being a red herring. Desmond probably did fly from London. I still think something's going to happen to Penny at the hands of Ben, and that's how Desmond will go back to the island, by boat, just as he did the first time - this time probably with the help of Eloise Hawking and that strange Dharma pendulum.


@giddy - Good call on Sayid being in custody (clearly I didn't read your comment closely enough! ;))

@Ladre - Good call about Kate possibly being pregs with Jack's child!


We don't know "when" all of that stuff about finding Faraday's mother happened in the UK. Could've been last week or a year ago. They certainly could have arrived in LA on a boat. I do think Ben was attacked by Desmond, but I suppose it doesn't have to have been on a boat. I'm just saying we have no idea the timeline. Also, what has been 3 years in LA looks like only a couple of days of flashing on the island.

I doubt Kate is accidentally preggers. When she was in Florida married to the cop, she couldn't get pregnant while trying, so I somehow don't see this as happening (especially since she didn't get pregnant with Sawyer's baby while on the healing island). Although, who knows how much the writers know about infertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding (apparently not much).

I definitely think the Locke reincarnation thing will be the real deal. I think that was the whole point of the suicide note at the St. Thomas references. But, I do want to see whether it was straight up suicide or some kind of Ben coercion suicide.


LOL, yeah the writers don't know much about breastfeeding do they - or at least it seems like that since poor little baby Aaron apparently went without food for at least a couple of days before they were rescued. Unless they found some Dharma Iniative formula somewhere before they skedaddled. Anyway, yeah it's probably a long-shot about a pregnancy but it would certainly add a wrinkle to the story.

I think you're right that we don't know the exact time-line for Desmond's arrival, but I doubt he took his time getting there by boat. The man was on a mission (and looking fine, BTW!) to get to Daniel's mother so I bet he/they flew.

My mind is on overload fromt aht ep. So much intruiging stuff...Sayid, Hurley, Ben ("My mother taught me." Dude! You're evil, but entertaining.). And the two extra passengers are played by pretty recognizble actors, so I kind of doubt they are just red-shirts. We'll be seeing more of them - which means they probably have some sort of backstory.


Ben's line about "My mother taught me" kind of creeped me out since we saw her die in childbirth. It just sort of icked me out, but my husband didn't find it freaky at all (maybe because he's a guy).

Oh, and yes, Desmond was looking quite fine. And he might need to take his shirt off for something. Maybe to have his wounds bandaged or something. Yes. Yes, indeed.


>>And he might need to take his shirt off for something. Maybe to have his wounds bandaged or something.<<

I volunteer to help in any way I can. :)

I can see why that line would ick you out, it's creepy. It shows what a twisted, sick liar Ben is. To Jack it was just a little joke, but to us... scary. And maybe a little funny too.

And I could go on and on:

*Did the plane crash or did they just get teleported, or whatever? I kind of think they just flashed out, but if it didn't crash, what was all that stuff on the beach from Ajira (sp?) Air a couple eps ago??

*What happened to the other O6 onbard - where are they? Also, Lapidus and the "Marshall" - are they on the island? I hope Lapidus is because I dig him!

*Jin in the Dharma suit with the apparently brand new van and groovy music playing. What year is it now and what is Jin doing working for Dharma? How long has he been there exactly? What about the purge - are they in danger? Who teaches Charlotte Korean?!

Okay, seriously. I should do some work.


Does Lapidus remind anyone else of George Clooney?


How funny was it when Eloise Hawking said, so matter-of-factly, that Ben lied? ;)

@SarcastiCarrie- LOL!! Amen to seeing Desmond in the buff!


Lapidus certainly does NOT remind me of George Clooney. Ha ha ha.

Understatement of the Year Award Recipient Eloise Hawking for "Ben Lied"


What did Ben lie about per Eloise? I must have missed that line.


I kinda missed it too but I *think* it was Ben saying that they ALL have to go back. Ms. Hawking was encouraging them to try even if the entire O6 wasn't reassembled, but that the results would be "unpredicatable." Again, with the understatements.

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


I believe Mo Ryan had thoreized something to this effect, and she thought that it appeared that those aligning with Smoky fared less well in the alternate reality. I think they all got their wish, but like the proverbial genie in a bottle, you have to be specific about what you ask for. For instance, for Sayid, it was having Nadia alive and still part of his life which she is, though married to his brother and therefore untouchable. How Jin and Sun figure into it is unclear, but my guess Jin wishes that he and Sun could go back to a time when they were deeply in love and perhaps be part of the pregnancy (which does not specify coming to full term). So theoretically, Charles Widmore's approval was and is of the utmost importance, but that in itself might preclude Penny altogether. Freaking semantics and the whims of the gods!I don't know what that test was really supposed to prove, but I do not believe Desmond came out of it okay. He seems detached in the same crazy way Claire was before they lost her, empty in the same way Sayid is at the moment I have a feeling that Jacob saw some of this coming and has contingency plan already unraveling Ilana would probably be part of that. If I am right, perhaps Eloise is another part of that plan. (?)


i reckon Sawyer might be one of the Oceanic 6 i also think that the Oceanic6 suorivvrs are just the people who wanted to go home and that there are some people living on the island because in Hurleys flashforward when he's checked himself in the mental institution, a man starts tlking to him about another institution and then he starts saying to hurley, there still on the island arent they? u know how to contact them or sumthing like tht anyways And also has Locke told anybody yet tht he use to be in a wheelchair i can never remember becaise if he told Rose (the black woman) tht he use to be paralyzed and now he can walk maybe Rose will stay on the island because she shud be technically be dead. In season 2 they did a flashback on Rose and Bernard and they both went to australia to help her with an uncurable illness she had.


. It was interesting.Kate: Just berfoe touching her, he asks that she's not going to do it again (steal). Then he touches her nose and says "Be good Katie." James: He gives him the pen and says he can keep it. Then says"I'm very sorry about your mother and father James." Sayid: He asks for his help, saying he thinks he's lost. And as he puts his hand on Sayid's shoulder, Nadia gets hit. Nothing else is said from him.Ilana: As we've discussed, he doesn't touch her and he's wearing [black] gloves. She obviously recognizes him and he asks for her help.John: Just after John falls to the ground, Jacob pinches his shoulder and says"Don't worry, everything's going to be alright. I'm sorry this happened to you." Jin and Sun: As he wishes his blessings, he says"Your love is a very special thing. Then puts his hands on their shoulders and continues"Never take it for granted." Jack: Right after Jack has the argument with Christian, Jacob emerges and gives him the candy bar while touching his finger, all the while saying"I guess it just needed a little push." Juliet: Jacob does not appear in this scene. And we see that Juliet is made aware of her parents' difficulties and upcoming divorce.Hurley: At the end of their conversation about Hugo's curse (blessing) and his abilities. Jacob tells him about the flight and then, as he puts his hand on him says"It's you choice Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."The last person we are show that he touches is Ben, just as he's stabbing Jacob. This happens right after their "What about me?"/"What about you?" dialogue. Jacob, while dying, does not have the chance to utter any words while he's grabbing Ben's arm and, on ground, whispers"They're coming."What strikes me with this string of meetings is the importance of the moment in everyone's lives. And how Jacob's presence affects it.Kate: First time stealing. Jacob tells her to be good but obviously she fails.James: The moment he becomes Sawyer by way of the letter, which he writes with Jacob's pen.Sayid: Losing his love, which one can consider was provoked when Jacob hated Sayid, making Nadia stop in the middle of the street.Ilana: So little is known, but one can argue this is when she found a new purpose (believed again or switched sides?)Johh: When he became paraplegic and Jacob was there to wake him up and reassure him that it's going to be alright.Sun/Jin: When they finally united their love, but at the cost of Jin's 'soul', working for her father and eventually created their relationship issues.Jack: This was the pivotal moment in Jack's career that taught him to control his fear and that he needed to do his own work. Jacob's presence was a reminder that sometimes, all we need is a little push.Juliet: This was a what made Juliet see her relationships in a certain light.Hurley: Hurley finally seemed to accept his self as blessed as opposed to cursed. He's accepted this as heard when he talks to Miles. Jacob s the one who made him aware of it.Ben: He seems to realize he never was 'special' and cannot accept it. This may be a turning point in the character's personality and is provoked by both Jacob and his nemesis.I hope it wasn't too long!


In the end, they all gather arnuod a campfire at the beach and Sir Paul Macartney shows up with the LA Philarmonic, conducted by Mike Giacchino, and does a rendition of All You Need is Love. Seriously though, I believe the point of getting everyone together is to change the collective consciousness of the group and this is likely to lead to their making a choice whatever Des is about to do might throw him back and forth over the realities, perhaps he needs all the Oceanic 815 survivors to act as constants to keep him grounded.

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