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But it's not germane to the "plot," right? So I could skip it?

Are you telling me I shouldn't skip it?


Ok, I was not paying 100% attention, but here are my questions:

1. overnight tent date...first base? Really? Then why did she go home in his clothes--just to stir up trouble? If so, this makes me like Molly even less.

2. Vapid girl dumped in Vegas. Edited to be that horrific or actually that awful?

3. Oh Jillian, why'd you have to go say you'd be the Bachelorette? Go home to Canada, date some guys, kiss frogs, find your real prince. You can do it!


@Kate - Amen to not believing for a second that "first base" was the only thing that went down (ahem....) in that tent. I'm all for not kissing and telling, especially when Mommy & Daddy are so up in her business, but if you're going to lie about it could you at least try to be a little less obvious?!

Was anyone else icked out by Jason's repeated euphemistic use of the word "passion"?

Poor Jillian - basically she was treated to the knowledge that their "passion" the night in the hot tub and hotel suite was not enough for him to view her as a sexual being to be reckoned with. That's got to hurt the ol' self-esteem!

I dunno... this episode was just kind of boring.


I have been squicked out by Jason's use of "amazing" and everyone calling them girls. My four year old daughter is a girl. My sister, who is 25 and therefore old enough to be on this show, apparently, is a woman.

pnuts mama

i would just like to second the john legend/peter gabriel collaboration. john legend is starting to grow on me in a way that i usually reserve for my man ll cool j. is all i'm sayin.

we don't watch the bachelor but i do enjoy reading your reactions to it. and kate, i think it's even funnier when my baby boomer uncles/aunts refer to women in their peer group as "girls" ("she's a very nice girl")- i know it's the delusion of not being willing to admit that they are aging as a group, but, still. eww.


Is first base the same thing now as it was back in my day?


Yeah, I still think 1st base means French kissing, 2nd = up the shirt, 3rd = down the pants...


Well, good to see that some things stay the same (and let's not forget the "inside the park home run"!).

Now, let's talk about Lost. What was the deal with Ben killing Locke after stopping him from killing himself? Was he just trying to get Eloise's name from Locke or did he really know that name beforehand?


I wonder if there's some sort of strange "island rule" about suicide vs. other causes of death like murder. As in suicides can't get reincarnated back on the isalnd?? That, or Ben is a homicidal maniac (perhaps both!).

What was that office area the new survivors and injured people (including Ben!) were hanging out in on the island? What year is it on the island if those paddle boats are on the shore?

It was neat to see Walt growing up - and to hear his prediction that the people on the island will try to kill Locke. Which makes sense should they eventually figure out he's not on the passenger list, and should scary island stuff like the smoke monster start happening - he could be a scapegoat.

Did anyone else think Helen's tombstone was probably planted there and she's probably still alive? I kept associating Abbadon (Lance Reddick) with his character on "The Wire."

Here's my wild guess about the upcoming "war" that Charles Widmore alluded to - it will be those 3-toed aliens coming back to claim their island! ;)

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