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Depends if David Bowie is judging on not.


Clinton. He makes each audience feel as though he's talking just to them. He could convince you to cut off your right arm and suck the marrow out of it.


Today? Clinton. In 3 years? I'm betting Obama.

Carla Hinkle

Oooh .... good one.

What Kizz said ... I think Bill. When he turns it on he could convince you to push your own mother off a cliff.

But with Bill you wake up the next day feeling like you need a shower, Reagan you don't remember what he said and Barack you are still thinking about his speech three days later ...


Reagan, but after they analyzed the speeches and realized he was making everything up, they would have to reconvene.

Can you tell I took a poli sci class and studied presidential speeches?

Num Num

If you heard them on the radio and didn't know any of them, President-elect Obama. He's got it.


While I disagree with just about all he stood for, it has to be Reagan. Clinton is just that charismatic, but it's not just his rhetoric. Reagan was a trained actor. He had the voice and he knew how to sell it. Trust me, for content, Clinton and Obama have me at hello. But Reagan's speechifyin' was something else entirely. And I'm with Ally on the giving Obama time, and Carla on how you feel after!


I still believe in the man from Hope.


Carla nails Bill precisely, but I think MemeGRL may be correct about Reagan. But, he suffers such a huge points deduction for factual challenges, it may swing back to Bill.

Then you factor in the morning-after shower-effect, and Obama starts to look pretty good.

But let's see how we feel in four years. It's not the campaigning, it's the governing that proves a president's worth.


In a true 'feel off' Barack would win. Also, if there was a contest for writing your own speeches. I think Bill is too angry now--I don't get the warm fuzzies when he speaks.


I agree w/ sarah- that clinton is a little on the angry side right now. Interesting question Moxie!

Delivery of an idea is just about as important as the actual idea, if not more. I wonder what would have happened if Dubbya had better oratory skills? how would that have translated to his approval rating?

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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