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Kenley's voice = nails on chalkboard. I'm firmly in the Korto camp, as she is my Central Arkansas homegirl!!


I couldn't believe it -- not only was that outfit not hip hop, it wasn't attractive and it wasn't well made! Did you see the way the fly was flapping up on those ghastly pants? I can't believe there is a viewer out there who thought Suede deserved to go home, rather than Kenley.

Is it maybe their way of making sure we tune in for the next episode, so we can cheer as she gets the boot?

Kathy B.

I was flabberghasted! That was the ugliest 'look' I've ever seen on the show, and I've seen a lot.


The upside is that we will no longer have to listen to Suede refer to himself in the third person.


Yes, Kenley is a totall biznatch, BUT, on the high-waisted jeans as hip-hop point, check these out:

And even this jumpsuit:

It CAN be done, she just didn't do it right.

Apparently, Jerrel said something that slipped past the censors: "BADUSSY cat dolls." Heehee!


I totally agree. Those pants?? Ugh!

The fact that Korto WON that challenge when she had not previously designed men's wear shows her versatility.


You all totally have gotten me into this show. Before watching it, I had thought it was a show about models, which I was not interested. Now I've been following for weeks and am LOVING it!

That said, I can't believe Kenley is still on after the mess she created last night! And I can't pick if I like Korto or Jerrel better, because just about always love what they both make.

And LL Cool J? Still smoking hot!


"And LL Cool J? Still smoking hot!"

Is it wrong that I was desperately trying to think of ways in which he could be enticed (in the context of the show, of course) to take his shirt off? The man's abs are a thing of beauty.

Moxie, what kind of machinations do you think are being foisted on the judges? Are they not the final arbiters?


Kate--the end credits say that the judges pick the winners and losers with input from the producers.


In that case, I don't see what this white girl stuck in the 1950s has to add to Bryant Park. Every other contestant has been far more versatile. Her sewing is fine...except for this week, when she didn't make a dress! How could she put out a collection of 10 or 12 things that is a variation of the same dress over and over? I mean, I guess she could, but how could that possibly win?


She even said, "Oh, she'll look great in one of my dresses!" on one ep or another... maybe that was last week. But anyway, she just irks the crud out of me.

I really, really like Leanne... I think her sewing abilities are top notch and I honestly would wear most of what she designs. Same with Korto.

And Suede, while somewhat loony, was very likeable.



So tonight at 10, can we all arrange some sort of Harmonic Convergence to push Kenley out?
Korto, Jerrell, Leeanne. Korto, Jerrell, Leeanne. Chant with me, people!


Did anyone else see the annoyance meter in the Onion? Kenley is making her mark, although not as a designer.


I'm way behind on watching PR - but after the Phillies lost tonight I decided to console myself by watching Part I of the Finale. Did anyone else notice that Kenley was the only one of the designers during the home visit who had no friends, no family? Has she annoyed everyone in her own life, too?

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