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Agh, we are just starting to understand the new regime of gift-giving now that Ess has entered the picture. I never would've thought of the cleaning lady's kid, either... All that's occurred to me from Ess-related presents so far is that we now have an excuse not to tip the dog groomer so extravagantly this year. Which I'm sure they're totally thrilled about.


I have no idea if my cleaning people even have kids, which is kind of sad. I just double their pay rate for the day so hopefully if they do have kids, it's helpful to them. It's so tough to figure out what to do in all of these situations during the holidays.


You're a very thoughtful person, and most likely have given your cleaning lady a holiday bonus, yes? Next year, maybe your boys could make something for her child?


Don't feel badly. These types of things are bound to happen at Christmas. I also feel bad if I do remember a gift for someone and they don't have one for me, or if I give a gift that's much "bigger" than the one they give me. It makes me feel bad b/c I feel that my gift has inadvertently made THEM feel bad or thoughtless, like you are feeling. So you just can't win...givers and giv-ees never match up exactly. My take is just to give the gifts I remember to give and accept graciously the gifts I receive and try not to compare what I give to what I receive, in either direction. It's hard though.


Also, if you want to give the cleaning person's son a gift, it is not too late and it will be appreciated, I'm sure! And if is not a big deal. You are a very thoughtful person, Moxie!!


This is why I wish we could just throw the whole present thing out the window. I'm going to come off like a scrooge here, but I think a call, hug or handwritten note is plenty for the holidays. Instead, I scramble to find something for the person that will end up cluttering their house until the guilt-waiting-period passes and they can get rid of it. It's the warmth I want to pass on to my loved ones, not just gifts.

If it were up to me, we would just buy things for each other if we happened to see something that we know the other would love, holiday or not holiday. Personally, I think that would be more meaningful - to know someone was just thinking of you for no particular reason. All this holiday gift-giving seems so hollow to me.

Bah Humbug.


Oh, I hate that feeling. My babysitter got Big Kid a card for his birthday, but I had gotten her nothing (they have the same birth date) and part of me wanted to rationalize it with "But you broke the rules! We're not friends (even though I do like you!) it's business! No gift required!"
In a most ironic fashion, five minutes later something will have me thinking, "Geez, why can't everyone just be nicer to each other?"
(rolls eyes at self)


Oh Moxie you are anything but thoughtless! I understand your feelings, though. And see? I have nothiing constructive to offer.


That is a lousy feeling when that happens - seems like there's somebody every year I can feel guilty about.
Can you give the cleaner some baking on her next visit, to take home and share with the family?

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.


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You would do it if you had to. I have buried cats and dogs and hleped my other girlfriends do the same.I am sorry that he had to do that and that your family had to lose Moxie.God bless.

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