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She did follow him after he was poisoned, didn't she? Out to the car?

She might not have known he was a double-O, but even if she did, there's a difference between knowing and seeing. I think in that moment, she's the stand-in for the audience, too, seeing what it means to be a double-O in a new way, not just flashy guns and stunts but a guy beating and clawing and destroying two lives.

Also, once we know what happened/is happening to her Algerian boyfriend, the shower scene makes more sense than ever, because she's realizing just what could happen to HER. Whoever has her boyfriend has threatened her life if she doesn't help them, and now she knows exactly what that might mean.

What completely doesn't make sense is why she doesn't TELL JAMES about her problem. I suppose she thinks there's no way he can forgive her silences/lies, but it seems worth the risk, to have a chance to be together.

I think the movie makes it pretty clear why James falls in love with her: every time he's in danger, the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes again is her, looking down at him like a saving angel.

It has to be said, I'm a partisan of this romance. But I'm not convinced that Lynd is any MORE self-sufficient than some of the women who played opposite Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Some of those women had their own syndicates!


My beef with the romance was a little different. Why bog the movie down with all their soppy romance, which both killed the pace and made neither of them seem interesting, dynamic or worth watching. Which I think gets to the problems with romance in movies. You can show that dynamic, verbally combative, fun, but not very intimate version easily, but intimacy and openness is boring to watch (hence all those musical montage seens used to convince us that we are seeing two people fall in love.

I liked the fact that she wasn't all in with him, she was there to judge him (worthy of taxpayer's money/not worthy; able to save her boyfriend/not able) and she finds him wanting. To me she gets super dull when she falls for him, but then again, so does he.

That said, it was the best Bond movie.


My very interesting and dynamic husband found Vesper Lynd to be as appealing as I found Daniel Craig, but I haven't grilled him on why. I've been perfectly happy to dwell on how fine Mr. Craig was, and just erase the thought of Ms. Lynd altogether (had forgotten her name until your post).

Anyhoo, I was disturbed and puzzled by How. Stonefaced. Bond could be when he was "falling in love" with her at the Anakin/Amidala love nest on Lago di Como. Was this just profoundly bad acting? In the end, I had to decide he knew all along that she was Trouble, and he was playing her (a common Bond strategy, why turn away a hot babe even if you know she is out to off you) to get to the endgame.

I don't think that answers your questions, but it's my take and I'm sticking to it.


Kinky, I think it was supposed to be the Mr. Darcy still-waters-run-deep stonyfaced thing. They've figured out women dig that stuff, so that how they're directing the heroes now, maybe?

Melina, she finds him wanting. Veeeery interesting. Hadn't thought of that. Was probably too distracted by the pecs.

Jody, I agree about why she didn't tell James. But most of us have trust issues of one sort or another, so I guess she just couldn't get past them.


Interesting. I was so busy being impressed with Daniel Craig that I totally skipped over this movies Bond Chick.

I think she was a lot more complex BC than we have seen before. I haven't had time yet to think about any particular flaws in her character concept or acting, but I will say this: I think that exploring the Bond/true romance angle was cool because the only other movie we've seen that in was the one with George Lazenby (the name is completely escaping me)... and I enjoyed that one overall.

My guess on the "why romance" question is this: to play opposite the brutality that was in this film. This is a much more brutal, gritty James than we've ever seen on screen, hence the dichotomy of his soft, falling in love side. Notice that his voice kinda cracked at the end when he said "the bitch is dead." (or something along those lines)?

Witness also the rather mind-blowing torture scene, and the freaking "you scratched my balls" joke in the middle of it. It was something to break up, to highlight, to play opposite to the brutality of the scene at hand.

Why did she go to pieces at the actual witnessing of killing? Because she's a freaking accountant. This is where the "oh, going on a mission with a 00 is an exciting, dangerous, thrilling change from my normal work" concept breaks down when it meets "blood. Oh god, there is blood. And it's not mine, and it's his, and that guy is dead and he wasn't a minute ago".

I thought it was actually nice that she lost it there. All over, I thought the movie was very well written and directed.


Oh, if only we feel in love with the deserving. However most of us like some people who are not very nice and dislike some who are extremely nice. There just is no accounting for why people fall in love and with whom.


I also really enjoyed the movie and drooled mightily over Daniel Craig but what really got me about Vesper was when she locked herself in the lift at the end, committing suicide. Why? Maybe I'm being really dumb about this, but I just don't understand why she would do it. I thought the shower scene was brilliant (and I think Wookie's analysis is right) and I loved the fact that she didn't immediately melt into his arms and coo 'oohh, James'. It was a let down for me though, that after all that feistyness and strength, she chooses to act like a Victorian maiden, locking herself in a tower and throwing away the key.


The husband and I left the theater this past weekend also asking ourselves why Vesper sealed her fate in that submerged elevator. The questions you pose offer more food for thought as well. (Oh, and I'm sorry--completely unrelated and spoiler alert--but any man who gets his 'nads pounded like that repeatedly during the torture scene? Yeah, he's not going anywhere for a while. This Bond, he must be superhuman.)

I'm also still a little put off by the 'love story'--heck, James Bond doesn't fall in love!! He's a love 'em and leave 'em kinda guy. But man, now having seen the film, Daniel Craig is a god.


It's got to be 5 years ago now that I realized that NO modern men in film actually ACT. All they do is squint and look intense. It's just one Blue Steel after another. And we project emotion onto it from context and soundtrack.

Mr. Darcy, by comparison, is a regular open book. First, there's The Look he gives Lizzie when she's playing the piano with Georgianna, but he's got lots of scenes snootiness and anguish and excitement - not to mention satisfaction and joy in the final scene - going on in his eyes and his face.

Which is why I noticed it. I'm so sick of male "actors" who are so one-note. The most egregious offenders in my mind are Tom Cruise and Matt Damon (in the Bourne series specifically). This is part of why I'm a big Mark Wahlberg fan these days, because he Actually. Expresses. Emotions. With. His. Face. Imagine that!!!!

In the case of Daniel Craig, I thought his stonefaciness was perfectly appropriate for Bond. And I thought they did a fine job indicating that it's a defense for him against the brutal nature of his job. Which is why I then interpreted the same face while falling in love with Vesper as "I'm doing my job, I cannot crack."


As for Dee's comment that James Bond doesn't fall in love, I highly recommend watching "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with George Lazenby 9the same that Wookie mentioned). It generally gets panned because people didn't like Lazenby, but it's long been my favorite Bond film. Who needs a Bond when you have Diana Rigg as the heroine!!!!???


Hey, now. Matt Damon looks just like my brother. Only more stony-faced, and less ethnic.


I didn't say Damon or Cruise were unattractive. Maybe they should be models. But acting, they are not doing.


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