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Too funny. But mice don't really wig me out--big fat roaches, on the other hand, EWWW, EWWW, EWWW!

I had no idea there was a VH1 Classic. Now I have to peruse all 200 channels, although we only have basic Cablevision (only 2 ESPNs, not 16).

And how cute is El C and his desire to demo? If he learns how to do some basic electrical work, send him over; we've got projects.


On TW digital cable down my way it's channel 136. This whole weekend they're doing "Class of" so each half hour is a different year. I caught '84, '88, and '92 this afternoon.


I will never in my life forget my mother spotting a mouse in my childhood home. She literally climbed my brother's bedroom door. Priceless.

Good luck!


Oh, VH1 Classic rules, but I only watch when my hubby's around, because he ALWAYS has a story for every video, and every song, and every band. But only after he gets all the spiders.


I'm with El Chico - get another cat! Our cat is fabulous - we live out in the sticks and whenever there's construction in the neighborhood we get little "presents" left for us.

My 8yo's answer, though, is to get a snake and let it be loose in the house. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that answer, though.

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