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Yep, I was definitely waiting for a dramatic, "There's no tumor on this man's spine!" Kinda disappointed that it didn't happen.

Her Bad Mother

I was also waitng for Jack to discover that there was no tumor. And was also embarassed by the cage sex (my husband, however, proposed surrounding ourselves with baby gates to simulate the cage environment. Which would not quite have been the same thing.)

A question, though - if Jack suspects that some of the Others, led by Juliet, WANT Ben to die, why would his ploy work? Or, is it a ploy to suss out what they're up to?

And, what was the story that Jack told Kate when they first met? Do I need to dig out the DVDs?

And buddy with the walkie? Isn't he the gay one? (I have to admit that I find him appealling, too.)

I kinda liked this episode. Am happy, however, to give them time to get their shit together.

And, and? Nathan Filion - rrwar.


HBM, you made me IMDB. Nathan Filion was Kevin.

The story Jack told Kate was the old "when you feel panicked, let the fear in for only 10 seconds" story.

Again, I'm not convinced "You're not my type" indictates that Old Papa is gay. He might just like a woman with a little meat on her bones, or one who isn't a fugitive, or who doesn't look like a horse. Or he could be gay.


all I could think was "these two have not brushed their teeth in like six days."


"Will Adewale be back for that flashback episode you just referred to?"

"Damon: It might not necessarily be a flashback episode."

Did that tickle you just a little bit?


Definitely embarassed by the cage sex. I wondered if I were the only one, too. There was something totally intimate about it and I felt very weird watching.

What the crap is Jack doing!? As it stands, he won't get out alive... so is he trying to compete with Sawyer by offering a bigger sacrifice? Weird... he's all crazy and stuff.

Looks like some good Desmond stuff to come. Good.


Old Papa and Ben are lovers, hence his extreme concern. Juliet is the only one that wants Ben dead. Mr. Eko will be resurrected. Those are my predictions. I am sad that we have to wait until February for more episodes, I guess I'll have to fill my time with semi-productive activities like playing video games.


Ooh, Mike with the bold predictions! Is there a Lost betting site yet? Can we start one?


Whoa, Mike, I'd never considered that Margaritaville guy (spot on description, Moxie) and Ben might be together! That would definitely make that whole scenario much more interesting. I am also glad this who arc is done for a few months. Bleh. Will give me more time to dwell on Heroes... And I am so glad I wasn't the only one who was uncomfortable with the whole cage sex thing. I was like "why are they taking off their clothes? just do the deed already!" The whole thing was way too public for my delicate sensibilities. Heh.


I'm interested in hearing more about arch-nemesis Paul...


shirky, that's funny! Right when they started making out, my husband whispered loudly, "Mmmm, fish biscuit!"

Her Bad Mother

Ooh, Mike - I had the very same thought - that Old Papa and Ben had some sort of (ahem) connection, and that the 'relationship' between Ben and Juliet is not that of former lovers (I actually read somewhere that they might be siblings?) Because, yes, Old Papa was pretty worked up when Jack violated the Hippocratic oath.


Old Papa/Margariteville Guy is Zeke without the fake beard, right?

I too thought about the no teeth brushing and fish biscuits and wondered just how that was working out.

I also don't think Kate "loves" Sawyer even though he may love her. I think it was a sort of a mercy/goodbye kind of hookup because she thought he was going to die. I think if it had been Jack in the cage instead of Sawyer she would have done him too.

Was that horribly sexist? I don't know, it's just the vibe I'm getting.


Bah. The best thing we could think of saying about having to wait for Feb 7th was that hopefully the kid would be born by then.

I think I felt weird about the cage sex because I knew there was the possibility that they were being watched. And that's what really bugged me about the cage sex-- feeling uncomfortable for them. Or because I've slightly lost the whole attraction vibe with them and think of them more as brother/sister. Or both.

And just thinking of fish biscuits brings my nausea back on full force.


During the first part of the cage sex (the making out part) I was shouting, "Turn her around, Sawyer, and shove her against the bars!" My husband just gave me a raised eyebrow look and said, "For their first time?" He hadn't seen the preview where Sawyer spins them BOTH around and pushes Kate's BACK up against the walls. He thought I wanted Sawyer to spin just Kate around and push her front against the bars. We laughed. I had no embarrassment re: sex scene.

Moxie, I am so disappointed that you don't know Nathon Filion. That means you haven't rented the Firefly DVDs and that, my friend, is unacceptable. It also means that you didn't see season 7 of Buffy, but that's okay because it was their crappiest season. I was also disappointed that they didn't give him a chance to be evil or sarcastic, two things he does extremely well.

I may need to do some research, but I think that Kate's flashback was THE MOST USELESS FLASHBACK EVER! What did we learn? She's a fugitive, she was on the run, she willingly, although sadly, discarded people. I got nothing from that. Did I miss something important?

Mike, I would love to get on the Eko resurrected train, but I read that the actor wants to move back to England for his family. Hopefully we see him in flashbacks, though.

Once again, Prisoner Jack rocks the house while nonPrisoner Jack still makes me hate him.


Meh. Was very disappointed in the flashback scene. Did she have to be such a stereotypical housewife? So a woman can either be a fugitive from justice or June Cleaver, complete with over-the-shoulders floral apron (can you even buy those anymore???) serving tacos and homemade lemonade? No middle ground exists, apparently. Who was writing this, Aaron Sorkin? Ha.

The cage sex made me squicked out as well. Plus I confess I was thrown out of the story to see Kate's pristine freshly-shaven armpits.

And where the hell ARE Jin & Sun?


Am I the only one fixated on the Angry Widower's (Pickett?) comment about how Jack wasn't on "Jacob's list?" Who is Jacob? Why does he have a list? Is Jacob one of the kids? That would be an interesting tie-in to the Others' strange obsession with children...

Lisa C.

I now fast forward through about 50% of this show. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and their saga currently hold my attention. I no longer watch the flashbacks or the beach Losties with their new faces.

I didn't watch the cage sex. Nope. Fast forward, baby! So yes, it did embarass me, although I can't figure out WHY, exactly.

I will not miss the show, but will probably continue to fast forward through episodes next year.


Yeah, the outdoor cage sex grossed me out. I mean, they were being VIDEOtaped for crying out loud. And can you imagine how dirty and smelly they both were? EEEWW!!

Oh, and when did Jack grow balls?


I had the thought (maybe everyone else has already thought of this) that The Island is treating Jack, Sawyer, and Kate the worst since they were the most selfish in their previous lives. Is that stupid?

Re: Kate's clean armpit -- I had the same thought, libby. Annoying.

Am totally glad for the break... (and Scrubs comes back in 3 weeks, Thursdays, hooray!)... but was intrigued when Desmond, in the preview, shouted something like "You don't know what happened to me!" Anyone else hear that?


Kate's armpits are clean because they keep made her clean up. Or so I told myself last night when I noticed that immediately. I was not embarrassed by the cage sex, but I knew they were totally being watched and when Jack saw it and the fact that they let him out of his cage to see that so he would operate on Ben is so evil and manipulative and the reason I keep coming back.

Who was the woman with the sling shot? They killed her boyfriend.

I thought these first 6 episodes were to have a completed story arc. This story is not complete.

We know Sun killed that woman (the wife of the guy who is out to get Sawyer), but what happened to Sun? I think Juliet has her and is doing somethign with her baby.

Kate's backstory was pretty lame, but was she trying to get pregnant and then was sad when the test was negative? She said something to Kevin about that but I can't remember exactly what it was. And was she all "Catch Me if You Can" with her US Marshall calling him on the holy days?


Lost betting site? I'm in, though my wife usually has better predictive skills than I do. I thought the cage sex was made to make us feel uncomfortable, so fitting in that sense given the fragility of the situation.

We'll see about Eko. I've got high hopes.


I also was fixated on the whole "Jacob's list" thing. I wondered if I had missed something?

I was also surprised that the Others hopped to it so quickly when told Ben might die...

And I wasn't embarrassed at all by the cage sex... but I would have been. If I had been able to see it ($%#&@* TV rabbit ears...)


Article with what I think are some spot-on observations about what's going wrong with LOST:

Mrs. Why

What about Ben saying, right before he went under, "Did Alex ask about me?" I assume he meant the slingshot girl, and wasn't crazy French lady's baby named Alex? (But it was a boy, right? I'm so confused.

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