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boxing octopus

i'm with LOD -- after a while, the anvils were just dropping all over the place, all marked "EKO."

neither my husband nor i bought juliette's movie-ruse. who's to say she's not manipulating jack to serve her own ends? what if after the coup she's hoping for, she becomes a blonde pol pot?

eh, whatever. it was an entertaining way to spend an hour (hey, at least i wasn't grading papers!).


I heard the dude was another drunk-driver-written-off-the-show. People! take a cab!


If nothing else, Daybreak will give us its fair share of eye-candy. Taye Diggs is, after all, all about the pretty.


No more spoilers for me. I knew the minute it was an Eko episode he was the one. (Awesome flashbacks.) And can I just say that the appearence of Nicki and Paulo ruined what should have been a gut wrenching scene? I'm hoping they're just a practical joke by the producers, because they seem to be B-level versions of Kate and Sawyer.

There was a LOT to take in on this episode. The return of the hatch, with an eye-patched man. Juliette Good/Ben Bad or vice versa? Is Juliette the evil mastermind trying to take out her leader? I think so.

The black smoke just confuses me. Does it create these hallucinations? And if so, HOW?

There seems to be some noise about the children and Juliet's career as a fertility doctor on the wind. I agree that unless the Others are into some really bad shit, they should just welcome the Losties with open arms.


Nikki and Paulo - BEST LINE EVER: "Let's go with them. You're always complaining you feel left out."

That's like one giant wink-wink-nudge-nudge to the fact that these two people don't exist.

Also, regarding the flashabcks...someone said here last week that of course the pot farm was after the whole kidney/Dad thing since the flashbacks go in chronological order for a character. Now, I don't know about that because Eko was in Australia with the girl who fell in the river and now he was back in Africa right after Yemi's death, so I'm just confused. Or are there no rules when you're about to die?


Yeah, I don't know... Glad the season's broken up in two also, it's just not grabbing me anymore. I'm finding myself more and more fixated on Heroes instead. Now those characters I like.


Her Bad Mother

It was so clear that it was going to be Eko, which is a shame, because, um, yum. But now that Locke is back in mastery mode, Eko would just get in the way with his cool, Buddha-like certainty and calm. And in any case, he had worked out the knots in his soul, redeemed himself, come to understand himself, whatever, and that usually means death on this island. (It seems that most of those who have been killed off have just reconciled some great tension in their souls: Boone's love for his sister, Shannon's inability to love/trust, Ana Lucia's self-hatred - less sure about this one. Libby didn't seem to have any issues before her death, but she had just effected a change in Hurley's life, and I think that there's going to be more of her story told post-partum, given her appearances in various backstories.)

Anyhoo. Why didn't Desmond foresee this? It hasn't appeared that he can foresee everything. But maybe he did, and just didn't share.

There's clearly more to the Others than nice folk living in tropical suburbia and needing a surgeon and maybe a few more kids running around. And I sorta thought, last season, that they were obviously running experiments or something on kids, from what Walt said when Michael ended up at their fake camp ('they make me do tests!') and what that Bea lady asked Michael ('has he ever appeared anywhere that you wouldn't expect him?' - this after he was appearing to Shannon before she died, which, come to think of it, was the same thing that was happening to Eko before he died - his brother appearing - and to Boone before he died - Shannon appearing... hmm)

I've forgotten where I was going with that.

Ooh - and? Who/where is patch-eye guy?


In your defense, they have hinted at Eko being killed a couple of times and it's turned out to be fake. And he survived the hatch in(ex)plosion, and a POLAR BEAR MAULING only to be killed by the black smoke?! How disappointing~not just because the show now lacks his muscles, eyes, and mouth.

When young Eko came on the screen, my husband and I were both suddenly all Keanu-like: WOAH. Spitting image. Great job.

Eko was definitely conflicted about his past, as anyone exposed to that kind of theology probably would be. My husband was annoyed because that confliction wasn't apparent in his pre-death speech to his "brother." What? Suddenly all this angst is gone? It was, once again, disappointingly not in line with his character. However, despite how I disagreed with what the hard-ass nun was saying, I was mesmorized by her accent.

Poppies? Like Wizard of Oz?

Juliette is kind of annoying, but I buy her disliking Ben. What an interesting setup for strict moraled Jack. I think I like him more as a conflicted prisoner than a narcisistic (sp?) surgeon.

The patch guy totally freaked me out in a cool way. I love creepy stuff like that. And Locke's delivery was great. (Did I ever tell you that I work with a respiratory therapist who is the actor's sister-in-law? He's her husband's brother, if that makes it clearer.) I love when he half smiles when he insinuates that they're going to get their asses kicked and isn't it going to be FUN?

Despite Taye Diggs' hotness, I refuse to watch his show based on the insane number of previews I've already seen. I think I've already watched the 2 hour season premiere, timewise. Taye, just get a new girlfriend, okay?

Oh, and what did you make of the black smoke that Eko saw versus the bright, beautiful light that Locke saw?

One last thing: Nikki and Paulo are ruining my enjoyment of the show. They're very jarring because I always have a second of "Who the hell is that?!"


I have only one thing to say:

I can't stop imagining the amazing belly shot I could take off of Eko. Yum...


I might stop watching due to the whole Nikki/ Paolo situation. It truly irks me. It is such a total cop-out of the storyline.

I also don't buy Juliet's notes. They are still trying to play Jack, exactly the way they told him they gave up trying to do.

Eko was my favorite character. I can't believe he's gone.


Yeah, the new people, ugh. Not sure how I feel about that...Nikki, wtf? Did they pick a chick with big boobs on purpose? Maybe they just need more characters to kill off.


Lost is lost to me, I'm tellin' ya. I was thinking your #8 this whole episode. I mean, they have said repeatedly that they're not the bad guys, they're not killers, etc. Well, who killed off 75% of the "Tailies" then? Some other group of Others? The Island?

Also, I missed the first few minutes due to reading a bedtime story to my daughter - did they show Sayid coming back? Or did he just appear? What about Sun & Jin, anything about them?

Thanks for hosting this every week, it's big fun to come here.


OMG I just realized that Sayid did just show up and there wasnt any talk about Sun or Jin. How crazy was that?

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