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I'll address Item No. 4, as I try to have nothing to do with sports myself. I hear what you're saying about Joey Lawrence, but what about Tucker Carlson being on that Dancing with the Stars show!?! Tucker. Carlson. Can George Will be far behind? Shudder.


I'll address #1, since I actually watched poor Colt get creamed tonight. ;) He does have an outstanding football name, now! :) We Texans just luuuuuuuuv our football! lol

Have a great weekend!

boxing octopus (impossibly hip. or hipster impostor?)

I teach rhetoric at UT and was really hoping Colt would be in my class (it's a requirement for most frosh) so that I could "accidentally" call him by the wrong equine names. Mule, donkey, gelding, etc. Maybe next semester....

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