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I don't think that makes you a shitty mother, I think it makes you a sensible one.

Why call it an emergency if it isn't? You'll know soon enough.

If it was a clear emergency you wouldn't debate it, you'd go, even if you thought 'Man, I don't want to spend the day in the ER.'


I agree with Chris. Also, our health insurance has a phone number you can call to talk to a nurse for free and get advice about whether you should go to the ER. Could you use some service like that to get pointers about whether or not you need to go?


I'd only go to the ER if the cut is REALLY deep. Make sure that it is clean, and maybe you (or hubby) could head to the closest drugstore and get some butterfly closures. As long as you put them on tight, they should hold the cut closed. They won't do anything for the mashed foot - it probably isn't broken anyway, and his bones aren't fully developed. I'd keep up with the Arnica, and then move on to ledum for bruising tomorrow - Arnica gel and an icepak will help too. I hate the ER, and didn't even take my 4 yr old when he cracked a rib skiing. You can email me more specifics if you are worried about his foot.
victoria the foot lady :)


Ice and elevation would help with bleeding and pain. I do not do hospitals unless it is absolutely necessary. However, this early on a Thursday, it shouldn't be that bad.

Peach (also a Victoria)

Or, you could also call your doc's office and see if they have the means for small sutures and such (my niece's ped's office does that and things like casts and such). Apparently, a lot of ped's offices do because kids are always getting into some scrapes or other all the time. Or, barring that, call your ped and see if there's an urgent care somewhere, because based on my insurance, and ER visit is like $100 minimum and the urgent care center is only $50.


I would totally be hedging in the same situation but that comes after going to the hospital because I *thought* Jack had swallowed an eyeshadow applicator and getting an ambulance ride for a pinkie shut in a door. Now, on the other hand, my mother did NOT take him to the hospital after he fell down the stairs and he has a 2 by 1 inch scar on the back of his head that has zero hair growth.
To sum up, I think you did the right thing. More wine please?


I think you did everything just right. Noah needed (I mean /needed/) stitches and it was quite obvious and we were in the car in 15 minutes and I will still thinking "I do not want to go! nooo!"

I hope he doesn't need 'em. Poor El Chico, poor you. Have the wine. :)


i hate doctors and hospitals and only go when it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.


IT sounds like going to triage is reasonable. If the bleeding doesn't stop, he may need stitches. One thing I recently learned was that you must get stitches within 24 hours of the injury. Past that, the doc wouldn't do it for me. I have a very nice scar to show for it...

Please let us know how it turned out!

Lisa V

Don't feel guilty, I really wait to see if our kids need a doctor. Trust your gut. Last time Sunshine had a stomach ache that Bert was sure was her appendix, it turned out to be constipation. My gut new we should stay home, but guilt made me take her for no reason.


My internist does stitches, and they say to always, always call them first. Does your office have a Dr. on call during off-hours, or an urgent care center?


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