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El Grande

The British version is so unbelievably superior, because 1) they get it over with in half an hour and 2) they say "tits" with such reckless abandon.

I think I'm ashamed I know that.


I vowed never to take JR to an ER again after our last miserable experience, so I think you did exactly the right thing. He was in his 2nd day of outrageously high fever (105 or something) and we'd been talking to the triage nurse and the doctor on the phone. The on-call doctor finally said "Take him to ER, I will call ahead and get the oncall pediatrician at the hospital to see you right away."
We went, they were crowded, we were stuck on a gurney in a hallway for 4 hours waiting for the oncall pediatrician (who, we were told, knew we were there). While we were on the gurney, a nurse decided to interview the woman on the gurney directly across from us about her sexual habits and accused her of having had extramarital relations based on some test result she'd gotten (the accusation did not go over well). JR was crying non-stop. The docs couldn't agree whether to give him anything to bring the fever down or not to give him anything, the whole situation was just nightmarish.
So maybe if Robert had severed his foot completely from his body, I'd have said, ok, go to the ER, but otherwise -
you did the right thing.


Completely missed the post about El Chico's foot - I am so glad all is well and hope he recovers soon enough to wear something really obnoxious on his ring toe.


in our house we call it TiFaux. best $8 spent each month hands down. enjoy.

glad the foot is on its way to better.


A DVR kicks ass. We watch way too much TV because of it, but considering we haven't been to the movies in about 4 years it's totally worth the money. (Skipping over the commericials gives us a giddy sense of power too!)

Glad there isn't too much foot trauma. And doesn't NYC need urgent care centers? I've spent the better part of two days in the Montefiore peds waiting room for things that turned out to be nothing (but needed to be looked at). Sigh.

Num Num

Just glad to know he's treated.
xo and Hugs, Num Num


That DVR will change your life. I didn't believe it until we got it.


Your television unlses it is really, really old should have multiple input source options, with different cabling options (coaxial, composite (red, white, and yellow jacks/plugs), S-Video, component maybe). If so, you would pick an appropriate output from the DVD/VCR player to match up and run the player in parallel to the DVR cable box. The TV remote would have a toggle switch to allow you go back and forth between input options.If you have one and only one input to the TV (or, possibly, for other reasons), you can run the DVD/VCR in series between the DVR and TV. Connect your DVR cable box output to a DVD/VCR input jack and the DVD/VCR output to the TV input. You end up playing your DVR/Cable through your DVD/VCR player a very common setup.So check your television set input options, and your DVD/VCR input and output options to get an idea about what will work.


Hi Mandy H,No you do not need cable. A TiVo will work fine with over the air channels and you can set it up so only alialabve channels show on the programming list.A regular DVR will also work fine over the air.I am using over the air for one of my TVs because I get HD free over the air with a cheap Walmart set top antenna. I use a TiVo to record the HD shows.Norm


hi jj, dig this when you get you dvd that you plan to use and format it from your devrris in my computer right click on the driver and format it. then when you get to a movie that you want to copy it will say copy to disk it will give you a copy place send it to media player then record to disk and then you will copy it. but you need to download java by sun and adobe reader and adobe flash. good luck hope i was helpful to you

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