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one other thought - since you are in NY, is great - they have reviewed a ton of restaurants and other places in NY (and other places). You can even get GF pizza in a few places!

It sucks, trust me, I know. But if you're able to cook (and know that many of the first things you cook will end up feeding dogs, pidgeons, or seagulls), you can make almost everything you want to eat. And if you have the money, you can buy almost everything you want gluten-free.

We are celiac, so even if we didn't have nasty symptoms, we wouldn't eat ANY gluten because it damages our intestines. but there are people who are "just" gluten intolerant, and they have occasional gluten. Sadly, it isn't an option for us.

My 3yo asked today "when I'm another person, can I eat this?", and that seemed to comfort her. whatever works. I guess whatever works for me is leaving book-length comments on your blog. sorry!


Whole foods has a product listing on their site of gluten-free stuff, along with some other links.


One of my comforts as we discover Wilder's allergies has been the thought -- at least it's not celiac disease. So your discovery of the health-gluten connection for you causes me pain. I'm so sorry. Food is so intimately tied to memory, identity, holidays .... no wonder you're sad. I hope everyone's excellent suggestions (especially the enzymes to help with gluten digestion when you just can't bear to give something up) help.



My sister has pretty awful rheumatoid arthritis. She's just gone gluten free. It's tough but it seems to be helping. Maybe you can invite your readers to a gluten free challenge where we keep you company for a week at a time. I'd be game...

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