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My husband is away for five days.

My step-dad is having surgery tomorrow because they found spots on his bladder. He had bladder cancer last year.

My brother got a picture of Diedre Hall autographed for my 3-month old daughter after he was called to her house for an attempted burgalry.

You know, exciting shit.


You'd think I wouldn't have lost count of the basal cell carcinomas I've had removed over the last 5 years but.... I do seem to remember at least 2 on my back. The removal is no fun, but you're right, these are the least scary of the skin cancers. Good for you for scheduling with your PCP and getting checked out.

But overall, I have just one word for you: SUNSCREEN. Not only for you but for El Chico and El Pequeno. My derm has reassured (?) me that my skin cancers have nothing to do with my good behavior today and everything to do with my childhood and running around outside with no sunscreen. We thought sunscreen was just for beaches. Who knew?

Good thoughts going your mom's way ...

Num Num

Prayers for your Mom's comfort as she heals.

We're fine.


You're home! Yay! Here's to a quick recovery for your mom, and a rest from your vacation for you!

Lisa V

Oy, indeed. Thoughts for your mom and you.


Oy and double oy. Your poor mom - what a crappy end to the summer she is having. Glad you're getting yourself checked out as well. And who knew about those triggers for arthritis? Hope the diet works.


I have heard of nightshade plants being protagonists of arthritis. I'm not sure what all they are, though tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant are all in that category. My friend is much better after eliminating those. Good luck.

My mom had surgery last week, and it has caused tension between me and my sisters as to how to care for her, and how much care she needs. I tend to treat her as an adult who can make her own decisions. Them, not so much. So oy indeed.


Ugh. Best wishes for you and your mom.

For years, my mom had terrible arthritis in her knees (she had no cartilage whatsoever and has since had both knees replaced -- she's bionic!), and her doc told her to lay off the nightshades. It's actually the green part that has the toxins, so if you make sure your tomatoes are fully ripe and don't eat any nightshade greens, you should be in the clear.

Anyway, I hope you recover from your "vacation" quickly...


I'm moving to the East coast with my two kids. You've met Piper haven't you? She's almost five months old now. My husband is staying here until he can find work out there. I hope you mom bounces right back for the broken bone.


do you eat red meat? That was a huge trigger for me.

um, I just posted about the first ever Babywearing Conference, which took place at Reed College in Portland, OR. Maybe not as glam as BlogHer but totally awesome for meeting people like author Maria Blois, Barbara Wishingrad (Rebozo Way Project) and Jeni Norton (founder of You would've probably enjoyed yourself there.

The 15yo is being a challenging punkass, and the 2yo has started speaking in sentences.


you may know this already, but re: arthritis, you could also consider taking glucosamine (not to be confused with glutamine) supplements. one of my older gentleman friends from kung fu used to rave about how that helped his knees.


Oooh, I'm jealous of the person who got to go to the BWing conference! (Would have been bad for my wallet, though.)

As for me: same old crap, but hotter and now!with!more!tantrums!

Glad to have you back, Moxie!


I'm so sorry, Moxie!
Little T stood for the first time today.
My photo will appear in the local paper for Silicon Valley Moms Blog on Wednesday.
I've started writing my book again.
I'm getting hand therapy for tendonitis in my wrists caused by years of abuse due to my movement disorder. I've been ordered to do no housework or childcare. Ha!
My cats have started pooing in my neighbors' yard.

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