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Damn you. I listen to the Doodlebops and the Wiggles.


I've already rejected a request for "Ernie! Bert!" this morning. I'm going to the park to avoid them.


Ah...D and I fell in love over Areito, it's the soundtrack of our early romance. Our late romance is to the soundtrack of the Teletubbies and Jack's Big Music Show and Dora's Fiesta.
However. I am listening to the Beatles and Dylan these days, and Carlos Vives, who should be bottled and sold as an anti-depressant.


I'm too darned scattered and tired to choose my own music. Luckily, I live here, and can listen to Don't know what I'd do without it.


Quad City DJ's "C'mon Ride the Train" and Black Box's "Everybody Everybody" (the little person loves that part where they go "OW")

I never should have exposed him to 90's dance tracks...


We listen to a lot of Farmer Jason around here, but as children of the 1980s it ain't so bad (Farmer Jason is the alter-ego of Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers)


mmmm... mountain goats!

boxing octopus (impossibly hip. or hipster impostor?)

The Long Winters, KT Tunstall, Sparklehorse, Spoon, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Lisa V

The violent femmes, less than jake, eisley and abba. I only hear the baseline mostly as it wafts up from the kid's rooms.


DJ Mom: The Decemberists; Frank Black; The Shins; Kate Bush; Toots and the Maytals; Nina Simone; The Ramones; Bob Dylan; Chet Baker; Tito Puente; Mozart; Elvis (Costello and Presley); Rufus Wainright... I could go on, but I fear you've already nodded off.

DJ Son (7): Bartok; Mozart; Vivaldi; Beethoven; Debussy (I know it's a bit odd, but he LOVES classical music); The Beatles; Guys and Dolls; West Side Story; The Music Man; Fiddler on the Roof; 1776 (Yes, musicals too...); The Beatles; The Monkees; REM; Talking Heads; The Jam; Rufus Wainright; Blondie

DJ Daughter (4): Most of what's on DJ Son's list, minus Beethoven (HATES it); plus Dar Williams; Carol King; If I Were a Carpenter; The White Stripes; and almost any Funk.

We listen to a lot of music.


Oh, I forgot Tom Chapin -- great kids' music that adults can listen to without wanting to poke forks in their eyes.


My three-year-old discovered Copa Cabana on XM radio's 70s channel, and he loved it. I guess I enjoy making him happy at the expense of my sanity because I downloaded it from iTunes and now it's all we listen to. Ever.

"She lost her youth and she lost her Tony, now she's lost her mind. . .


The beatles. Yellow submarine is the best song to calm my girl down in the car. We just sing along to whatever she likes after that.


Christian artist Aaron Shust. "Anything Worth Saying" is his first cd. My seven year old loves him too. You can hear Aaron on his website. I'll include the site:

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