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Good luck with all that!

Not all socially-challenged people have Asperger's (but you probably knew that already). I and many of my equally-nerdy friends had a hard time being social as children, and it worked itself out by around college. I still don't love large groups of people.


Yeah, I know. I know and love many people who aren't prom kings or queens. But you know how you read about a disease and then are convinced you have it? That was happening to me. Maybe it was the lack of buttered popcorn in my diet.


Yikes, sorry to hear about the worries... but just had to chime in and say, not only do I care where you went on vacation, but I grew up there! Worked in the Acme, the 7-11, and the sub shop... It was still more of a beach community then, as opposed to the booming suburb it is now, but either way it's a great town. My grandparents still live there, in fact.

Ok, will now take my Jersey shore reverie to my own blog...


I don't know El Chico at all, but I can tell you my oldest is also very verbal, very serious, and very, very order bound.

I highly, HIGHLY suspect that a member of my husband's immediate family has Asperger's and I've been on the lookout since day one in my own kids. (I called a good friend, a teacher of AI students, when my older daughter was three weeks old. I said, "She only stares at the ceiling! She's autistic!" and she told me "You have dark wooden beams on your white ceiling. She's not autistic, that's all she can SEE! (Now calm the eff down!))

My firstborn doesn't have Asperger's, but I do think that because of her social nature it will take special people to see how truly wonderful she really is -- people who will take the time and give her time so that she can let her own little star shine. I worry for her, but hope to help her gain the confidence to be who she is.

But my gosh, enough about me. What is UP with your building? That is a spooky string of coincidences. Is there any way to look into the history of it?

Welcome home, by the way. You've been missed!


Hi Moxie,

I'm certainly not a doctor (and I'm sure DoctorMama would have lots more accurate or cogent observations, esp since she's a runner) but I can't help but tell you the advice I have had when nursing new and chronic tendon injuries is to rest, note recent activity changes or footwear changes (e.g., excessive amount of road trip activity v. big amount of walking you usually do in NY?), wear proper footwear, take anti-inflammatories, and introduce a new stretching regime. If you wanted to eliminate diet triggers, my PT says give them up for at least three weeks.

Anyway, I hope your ankles feel better, and that you all get some rest now that you're back home. We missed you.


Hi Cory. Thanks, but this ankle pain has been here for at least the last year. I really only started thinking about it when I started doing T-Tapp, which made all my other aches and pains go away but had little effect on the ankle pain.

I think I made a stupid error by trying to give up the big three all at one time. There is just no way I can maintain for three weeks without all three. Any one of those I could give up easily for a few months, but not all three together--dairy, wheat, and corn are snuck into so many things, and I can only eat rice cakes for so many days.

After a week, wouldn"t I start to feel at least some relief if they were having an effect on me?


I grew up in Manasquan! My grandparents own the jewelry store on Main Street! I hope you went to 'Squan Tavern for pizza because they make a GREAT pie.

As for the ankle pain, I don't know what to tell you. I have arthritis in both knees from years of marathon abuse and I care for them by reducing sugar (sugar causes inflammation in joints, which can lead to pain), watching my weight, careful exercise on a daily basis and regular stretching and icing of both knees. It's not so bad, but it took a long time to realize that I would never really run again.


Moxie -- about the asperger's thing, my son (5) is highly verbal and for a while had a difficult time relating to other kids. I find that, not only do I ponder whether he's on the spectrum of autism, I also wonder if I am based on my own childhood. But like ALG, this stuff tends to work itself out.

Not all of us bloom before 30, you know what I mean?

Lisa V

If global warming is going to kill us in 10 years, I'm stupid to pay off my credit cards. See there is always a bright side ?

I think it's natural to worry about your children, especially the first one. I overworry about Apple constantly. I think it's part of motherhood.


moxie, i'm just going to say that if you even suspect that your son has asperger's, you should get him evaluated. there is no *harm* in getting him evaluated -- at the very least, you hear "he's fine!".
i don't think it's abnormal to read about a medical condition and be convinced you have it (she says from years of experience). there was a really interesting article on autism and therapy in a recent time magazine that i read at the dermatologist last week. it really piqued my interest on the whole spectrum of autism and why it is becoming so prevalent in our society.


I just wanted to pipe up and agree with Ann, regarding there being no harm in getting your son evaluated.
If you don't want to see a professional just yet, one of the best online diagnostic tools I've seen is this test ( It can't give you a definitive answer, obviously, but it can help you figure out whether or not your concerns are worthy of further study.
I have an 11 year old son with Asperger's and that test was the one that confirmed that there really was something wrong. With any luck, it will be the test that reassures you that everything is fine.


I'm one of those people, if I hear a symptom, I have it. I once dealt with a particularly bad case of prostate cancer before I figured out that I don't actually have a prostate. Okay, I'm only half-kidding. Seriously, people are wonderful and different and there doesn't always have to be a label for that.


Is the ankle that is hurting the same one you dropped the suitcase (or was it the car seat?) on? If not, you may have gotten tendonitis from over using it to compensate for the hurt foot. Perhaps a trip to the doctor or chiropractor is in order?


Nope, Sarah. Independent pain. Both ankles have hurt for at least a year or so.

I really stayed off my hurt foot (it was a car seat, grrr) as much as possible, and it's a tad tender still when touched, but otherwise healed.

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