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Sorry to hear about the wheat sensitivity, but it's good that you figured it out. My mother hasn't eaten wheat for a long time -- 15 or 20 years? She's much healthier for it, though it also seems her sensitivity has increased over time as she's been avoiding it, so that a bowl of wheat flakes laid her low with flu-like symptoms for three or four days last time she tried it.


I hate when doctors are all earnest with no sense of humor! Really, if you can't joke with the person who is about to stick a camera up your ass, how can you continue?


I was just telling Cecily, I have lost over 20 pounds eliminating wheat. It isn't just the wheat, but the craving it triggers. I used to eat cereal for breakfast and then just crave crackers, cookies, etc. all day. Now I don't have that annoying craving and feel much better. I hope you feel better all around. Good luck.

Oh- and I still eat plenty of yummy stuff. Fritos with salsa, warmed up, is a favorite!


Bet you are looking mighty hott without those moles.
About the wheat - eesh!
I can't imagine life without crusty white bread or cake. But I may have to try this - 2-3 lbs in a week sounds good. But no cupcakes...sniff.


Yeah, I hate docs with no sense of humor, as well. They just make it very hard to feel comfortable in an already uncomfortable situation.

On the wheat thing-- I seem to remember my aunt saying she read something about how like 45% of women over a certain had trouble digesting wheat. Annoying & liberating, indeed.


Must admit I was fairly dancing with joy when I figured out my problem was dairy, not wheat. Dairy's so easy to give up! Though I find myself missing the oddest things, like Caesar salad dressing. I'm surprisingly fine without ice cream, but miss my creamy salad dressings. Wacky.

At least you can still have frozen custard, right?


Summer, are eggs a problem for you, too? If not, then you can have mayo-based things, which give the illusion of creamy-ness.

I think I'm feeling so repulsed by wheat at this point that I'm not looking at the longterm ramifications of having to rethink my ideas of breakfast.

Oh, crap. I just realized no more chocolate chip scones.


The thought of eliminating wheat makes me shudder. Good luck with that, hopefully it's something that will even out and you can tolerate small amounts.



Because no one should have to live without scones!


Re, the humorless doctor. When I had my HSG last year (fun!) I thought it was the most ridiculous situation I had ever been in, all spread-eagled with a catheter all up there and the radiologist clad completely in protective gear, with my nethers pointed directly to the door. And I could not stop laughing. The radiologist was made very uncomfortable by my continued laughing.


we've been gluten-free (and dairy-free) for 3 1/2 years now. we eat really, really well. :) the trick is to cook everything yourself (*sigh*). Corn-free is horrible - did it for a year, and it is *everywhere*. Egg-free and soy-free we also did for about a year each, and that sucked too. But "just" gluten, dairy, and berries (3yo is anaphylactic to berries) is pretty easy.

my tips are: buy or get from the library cookbooks by Carol Fenster. You can also see my recipe blog linked off my regular blog.

Tonight's dinner chez nous was chili, cornbread, salad, and brownies. the mocha chip ice cream was optional. yum.

and to echo an earlier poster - if we get gluten by accident, we are so much sicker now than we were before our bodies healed. But it's worth it - I lost weight and my kids started growing and looking so much healthier. Plus we had major behavior & mood improvements for all of us.

I wish being GF would help my fibromyalgia and arthritis, but sadly, that isn't a trigger for me. Or it might be and I would be *worse* if eating wheat & dairy. yikes!


Growing up, the family dermatologist was Belgian and so dour that we all referred to him as "Chuckles." How can you be Belgian and gloomy? Maybe he missed the beer and chocolate of his homeland?


I hate it when doctors have no sense of humor. Why not have fun at work?


I've been wheat free for 8 years, and I feel great most days - You gotta watch out for soy sauce, however. it kicked my ass! Now that I have found a wheat free soy sauce, I'm a happy gal.

And yes, I'm a joke cracker at hte doctor's office, and I get pissed when they don't laugh - everyone should find me funny, dammit!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Have you had testing for celiac disease? Chances are probably against it, but if you did have it, it would be very important to know that. Here is a list of symptoms and other info from the NIH.
My mom has celiac, and when she was diagnosed (after serious complications from decades of eating wheat and not being diagnosed0 the whole family was tested. turns out I have it too.

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