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Ha! You must submit that to Overheard in New York, which I hope you read religiously.

So sorry about your little girl, by the way.


Don't be guilty-- you're helping your friend. Be sad for a while. Heal.

Lisa V

I thought guys were the only ones who considered women who weren't interested in them lesbians. Good to know there is no double standard. Women are just as stupid as men! Woohoo!


Saying good bye is so hard. I put down my teenage years cat last year, and then my boyfriend's 19 year old cat later in the year. For both, we paid for a vet to come to the apartment (in NYC). It was far less traumatic for everyone and we could cry and slobber as much as we wanted. The vet took the cat and took care of cremation.

Also, one of the vets brought that clay that little kids use to make handprints and made a pawprint of the cat's paw for us. It's a special keepsake.

Num Num

Youth is wasted on the young? And you are???


I'm so sorry to hear all this. I think you are handling it marvellously. It is terrible to lose a family member, but so good to be a family in it. If that makes sense.


I'm so sorry about your cat. I have had cats all my life and it's so hard to let them go.


I'm sorry to hear about your cat. My Jenny Cat was 18 when she developed about the same symptoms. I had had her since I was 4. I would come back to my hometown to take her vet visits (3 hour drive one way) just so she could see her vet we'd always known. He ended up giving her the injection and we buried her out in the country. It was a very difficult decision, but also the best decision in the circumstances. Hugs to you and your family. A great book for kids about this is "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney". I can't remember who it is by, but my daughter loves it, even though she's never lost a pet. She's also very matter of fact about death.


"The Tenth Good Thing About Barney" is by Judith Viorst. It is very good - and moves me to tears everytime.

I had several cats when I was a child. When they died it was always so very sad. Hugs to your family and Siggy.


I'm so sorry. My beloved Matthew is 15 and on thyroid meds and possibly having some sort of kidney issue . . . everyday I look at him and ask "Are we holding steady? Getting worse? Are you still having fun here with me?" So I know I'm going to be in the same shoes before too long and imagining how you're feeling hurts like hell.


We've buried so many cats (five in six years...we are evidently the kiss of feline death) that we have a funeral service worked out. It involves Psalm 104, which is such a good animal psalm, and curling up the cat on a blanket in a box with its favorite toy, and digging a grave. And a lot of weeping. Last time we had to do it (a car hit our little Miss Iowa--she was, as her name implied, beautiful but not too smart), we let our three year old in on it a bit, and it was, as you said, a sort of normal, honest first step in discussing/facing mortality.

Well, I mean, as much as any of us can actually face mortality. Still, we'll be praying for y'all and Siggy. Perhaps she can join our cats, who are overpopulating feline heaven?


I am so sorry to hear about Siggy. I know what little furry family members cats are.

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