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Personally, I would rather have a dirty kid than one of those fussers who wails whenever they are slightly soiled.


My husband used to have a man-crush on Lewis Dodley. You should have seen the look of deep regret on his face when he realized there would be no more NY1 after we moved to New Jersey.


Huh. I was also wondering/worrying about the low-flying commericial plane and fighter jets. Thanks for letting me know what it was!


are we bad people or just bad parents because we actively taught CX to say, "i farted!"?

did you know i've been sleeping on the couch since we weaned CX? i can't recall if i mentioned that. now it's more or less because he's a squirmy sleeper now and we need a bigger bed.


Wait, they didn't talk about Fleet Week on NY1? I thought Roma Torre is supposed to be up on such things. Shame on her!


It was NY1 that told me today that it was the Blue Angels yesterday. Brooklyn Girl pointed out that there wasn't anything about the Blue Angels on the official Fleet Week website. What is wrong with people? NY1 shouldn't have to do everyone's work for them.

Rachel 99

1. Bobby Cuza, transportation reporter, is *hot*. Sexiest transit strike coverage ever.
2. Having worked in nursery schools I can tell you that the 4-year-old potty mouth is universal. It's also the time when the girls become obsessed with how they are Girls, and insist on wearing skirts all the time.
3.Yes! those planes scared me too, even though I realized after a moment of abject panic that they probably were for Fleet Week. And they just kept flying by all morning. Even after I had intellectually realized it was just part of Fleet Week festivities, I still got a little scared and upset every time another one flew by.


SUCH a (nonsexual) crush on Pat Kiernan. I love it when he reads me the newspapers so I don't have to. Love. It.


I love it! And I'm stealing it when my kids get to the potty talk stage: Go to the bathroom to talk potty talk. Perfect.

My second is constantly filthy as well. I rarely dress her in all the adorable outfits her grandmothers have bought her because, really, what's the point? She's dirty a minute after I put it on. She can turn a chocolate graham cracker into a brown, mushy, shirt covering paste in no time.

Like you said, I think it's second child syndrome. I let her eat a lot more and different things and I just don't have time to mind as much if she looks a little rough. I also feel like other moms are staring.


Those jets were crazy, weren't they? They scared the crap out of us.

Hope El P. stops biting soon because that doesn't sound pleasant at all. Ouch!

Brooklyn Girl

I don't know why, exactly, but there is something about Pat Kiernan that reminds me of notHenry. I'm not sure what that's about....

My morning news fix of choice is Miles O'Brien, but he doesn't come on until 6, and it's just sad that we're often up before then.


Might I make a merchandise suggestion?


Two suggestions:
If you give El P some avocado, sour cream, salsa, queso, etc. you could have yourself some mighty tasty seven-layer dip at the end of the day. All you would have to do is scrape him off with tortilla chips. Cleanup and a snack, all in one!
About the knee-biting: what about knee pads? That would flummox the little rat.

Cat, Galloping

I *totally* have a crush on Pat. I always assumed he was gay and I was jealous when I heard he got married (to a woman)! But what really sucks is that I haven't seen him in 3 years... no NY1 in the burbs. :(


I remember when my older two were babies, I was alone most of the time and so desperate for a bath that I used to bathe together with them.

I think back upon that "soup broth" bath water, and shudder.....


I've been dealing with an angry baby for the last 2 weeks, so I understand completely where you're coming from. My 13 month old is going to drive me to drinking. I seriously hate this stage.


Lord, yes. My fifteen month old does nothing but cling, screech like a banshee, arch, slither, and gnaw. All on me. And he looks like midwestern jello by the end of the day: layers and layers of multicolored gunk with bits and pieces of fruit and who knows what stuck in it.

When my husband came home the other day I hollered, "I wish this kid was seventeen." "Why?" said my husband, bemused. "Because then at least he'd be taciturn and reclusive. And he wouldn't gnaw."


When Steven was in love with the poop talk, we figured it was the novelty of the words and made up a song that we sang and sang and sang until he was sick of it. It goes to the tune that always represented the Indians in the crappy 1970's television, and the lyrics are:
Poop, butt, stink, fart
poop butt stink fart
Pe-nis and testicles

My SIL was horrified, but his delight did cease.


apparently, when i was little, i used to show everyone my armpit and scream, "pits! pits!" and once, at bloomingdales, i apparently walked up to two older women in fur coats and said, "woof!"

an the other note about the planes, it would be REALLY humane if someone apologized to the people of this city for such an egregious error in judgement. as it stands, i'm a block from prospect park so in the direct path of planes landing on one particular runway at laguardia. when i'm lying in the park it's one after the other, so low you can see which airline. but at least i know where those are and why they're flying overhead.

gee, a stack of fighter planes flying low and super-fast over the city... don't know why anyone would be disturbed...


Laughing so hard at your description of the dirt strata on El P.

And the soup broth bath.

I second the 7 layer dip idea.


Thanks for the overview! I keep mnianeg to check out Tumblr, sounds like it would be perfect for sharing pics & stories with the fam. Will have to take a closer look.


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