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Carmelized rhubarb over homemade vanilla custard is one of my absolute faves.

Happy to email you the recipe, if you desire.


I'm never embarassed to pay $3 a pound for rhubarb. It is a mighty yummy weed.


I remember as a kid eating stalks of rhubarb straight out of the garden. I haven't had any since then..maybe I've been missing something all these years.

Oh, and my kid's birthday cakes? Frosting from a can and then covered in M&Ms. You put me to shame :).


We had the Rhubarb Plant That Ate Detroit in our garden when we moved in. Husband wouldn't allow me to remove it because he likes rhubarb. We ate rhubarb at most 2x/year. I finally put my foot down and said we actually DID eat tomatoes and I needed the space in our teensy veggie patch for those. So now we are among those who pay for rhubarb--but only a whopping $1/bunch at the farmer's market.


BTW, I've made that very chocolate cake for YEARS and it's even better if you substitute coffee for the water.

I'm now gonna have to try your vanilla variation. Sounds delicious.


My great-grandma used to make rhubarb pie. No one I know eats rhubarb at all around here, and my mouth is watering for some.

dutch from sweet juniper

as a kid, rhubarb pie meant summer was here. it was the only thing my mother could cook, other than meatloaf that the starvingest street urchins in san pablo would stick up their noses at.

and never be ashamed to pay $3 a pound for a weed. I've paid far more than that.


You have made me excruciatingly hungry and it's Memorial Day and nothing is open close to us and I can't get out and get pudding or cake mix and I used our last eggs on a fritatta today and oh how I would kill for some cake right now.
Thanks a lot.


My grandmother taught me that rhubarb was a weed, and to rip it out whenever I found some growing.

So now I can`t eat it without feeling slightly guilty...


Rhubarb, my favorite. It brings back so many happy memories. I have planted some at every house I have ever owned. I have my grandmother's recipe for pie written in her own hand. I have recipies for rhubarb pudding, coffe cake, cobbler, and pie. I never add strawberries as I think they ruin the taste. I can and do eat it raw. It reminds me of playing hide and seek and me hidding under the rhubarb and eating it while waiting for my brothers to find me. What great memories! Thanks for bringing it all back again.


I'm crazy for rhubarb. I made rhubarb bread and butter pudding this weekend - it's better if it's prepared the day before but it's mighty tasty.


Yum. So much rhubarby inspiration here. We've got TWO big rhubarb plants out back and another bag of it in the fridge from my husband's mom. We make sauce (water, sugar, rhubarb boiled down) and use it on granola. Good frozen & thawed, too.

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