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Brooklyn Mama

I know!

boxing octopus

i'm confused.
really fucking confused. does this mean that penelope was behind it all?


boxing octopus

or pen was looking for des and somehow knew he'd be near a source of electromagnetic energy?



I was sitting here watching, squeezing my husband's hand, and I kept saying "This is getting good, this is getting good!"

And then . . . Aarrrggghhhh!

How many more months before I know just what Penelope is up to? And what was that look between Jack and Kate? And what happened to Desmond, Locke and Eko?


Re: #3
I just rewatched the ending and Sayid is back on the boat with Jin and Sun during the 'electromagnetic anomaly'.


oh my is just spinning with images, details, questions...I feel like I need to rewatch the entire season just so I can sort all of this stuff


I didn't watch the show religiously, but have an idea as to what is going on, and I found the whole thing confusing. Very annoying that not many answere, IMO, were given. Grrrr.


Also, is it now confirmed that The Dharma Initiative people and 'The Others' aka 'The Hostiles' are different groups?

(I'm just rewatching the episode and Kelvin says he works for the Dharma Initiative and he talks to Desmond about the hostiles as if they are a different group.)

Or is that just more smoke up my ass?


But wait that would make no sense because 'The Others' took Claire to the medical hatch. I'm just so confused.


Ok, so Sayid and Sawyer ripping off their shirts and jumping in the water? Not a bad way to begin, not bad at all.

So, if the magnet caused the plane to crash, if it was just a random occurance -- and was it random? No one could predict Desmond would take off after Kelvin that day -- or could they? (Rip in the leg of the suit, Des had been begging to go out.) Maybe it wasn't random, but if it was it doesn't explain how all of the survivors are connected in one way or the other.

Thank you for the Kelvin reference. I knew he was familiar.

Sayid was back on the boat with Jin and Sun. I'm pretty sure I saw three people there when all hell broke loose.

So here's my personal theory (and if I'm right, which I'm probably not, it's a spoiler): Pen's dad is part of Hanso. Hanso = bad guys. Pen's dad knew that the race would take Des to the island, hence get him away from Pen. Kelvin was working for Pen's dad and was meant to desert Des there, ensuring he'd stay forever. The Others are people who have defected from Hanso and are working against them. Pen figured out what had happened to Des and set up the station whereever that station was to search for the island's electromagnetic charge.

What's wrong with that theory is that the Others, or at least some other people on the island WERE bad. Ethan took Claire, they wanted to take her baby. They tried to kill Charlie, they did kill Scott/Steve. They kind of encouraged Michael to kill whoever necessary to free NotHenry (who's the boss! Of course!) So the Others can't suddenly become "the good guys" as NotHenry says, without some explanation.

Goodbye cute Des (liked him even better with short hair -- those eyes). Goodbye Michael and Walt. And I do have to say that during the scene where Michael admits he killed Libby and AnaL and Jack was crying and Hurley was...oh poor Hurley, and during the scene when they saw the tube (that goes nowhere! Eko's right!) and realized they'd been betrayed again..I had my hands in my mouth to keep from gasping and yelling outloud. And that rarely happens with TV.

Brooklyn Mama

Oh, I don't think we've seen the last of Desmond. Not by a long shot. (Thank goodness, 'cause he had my pulse racing.)

And the tubes! What a gut-punch. I was pretty riveted throughout.


ALSO! Now that the electromagnetic field is gone, will Locke lose his mobility? And will Rose get sick again?


In regards to Libby -- my husband has a theory that she was actually some kind of recruiter or scout for the Dharma Project -- we've already seen her interact with Desmond and Hurley in two totally different locations with two totally different looks/personalities. But who knows.

I'm also with Bethany in thinking that Pen's dad has something to do with Hanso. Something's a bit fishy there.

Hoping the cute Scottish Desmond comes back as well.


Also, Widmore was the name on the pregancy test box. So there's definitely some connection between Penny, her father, and Hanso. What if Penny's dad set Desmond up somehow and used Libby to do it? Like he knew somehow Desmond would end up on the island and that would be a good way to get rid of him?

So confused.


One more random thought... Libby said her husband's name was "David" and Dave was Hurley's imaginary friend... same imaginary person??


Ok, I missed some context on Lost due to flipping between it and American Idol at the same time last night. Can you please clarify something for me - are Kelvin and bad-fake-beard--gray-haired-Other/Hostile-guy the same person? Or no?

And wasn't it here that I read about the flashback scene w/Sayid (yeah, totally hot, as is Desmond, who knew?) and Kelvin, where Kelvin is looking at a photo of a little girl as Sayid is getting on a plane, wasn't that supposed to be Kate?

Moxie, you provide many many valuable services, you know. Ask Moxie about parenting, and Ask Moxie about Lost. I salute you.


Libby - you are thinking of Kate's stepfather who is in the same episode where Clancy Brown (Kelvin) first appears. They are both Sayid's capturs in that episode but it is Kelvin/Joe Inman who plays the guy who teaches him to torture. Kate's fater is the one who lets him go in the desert and looks at the picture.

And, no, Kelvin and fake beard other guy are not the same person.

Good link for keeping all the confusing characters straight

And Moxie - don't know if she was also in a soap but the character who plays Penny, Sonya Walger, used to be on the supposed to be funny but was actually quite depressing HBO series "Mind of the Married Man." She has been in lots of other stuff but that is where I know her from. Terrible show but it also stared Jake Weber who is now the husband on Medium. I love him.


NC watched it last night and i just finished it up. i think i'll have to watch it again before i can start putting all the pieces together.


For those of you playing along at home.


More questions than answers for me, too, especially with all this online Hanso/Widmore stuff. Pen (Sonya Walger) was also on the short-lived US version of Coupling.


As soon as I saw that foot all I could think of was that game Myst. The one that drove me crazy because wtf is this and wtf are you supposed to do and wtf is the point...ya, Lost is like that.


Bethany, that is an interesting question about if the loss of the magnetic field will affect Locke's and Rose's illnesses. It makes me wonder if that is why Locke (with Echo) was not able to make it out. Hmmm, interesting.


Oh, short-haired Desmond. Rowr. Those sweetly crooked teeth, that accent.

And I would like to officially predict that Michael and Walt will not get far. I'm unspoiled, so I have no idea whether the actors are supposed to be back next season, but I have a hard time believing anyone will escape from the island anytime soon.


Hi! Delurking here finally, meant to after the post about your mom... found you through everyone else's blogs.

So, anyway. I have a love-hate for LOST. My theory is similar to Bethany's, except I believe we'll find out Pen's dad is THE financial backer for the Hanso Foundation. And that once he caught wind of Des' plans to win the race, etc. he simply had someone mess w/ the boat's navigational tools (which is why he wound up returning to the island instead of being able to "make it to Fiji", remember he said that at the beginning of this last episode?). He's an experienced sailor so he should've been ok to leave the island, unless his tools were giving him the wrong info... and BTW, *I'm* hoping he doesn't come back because he looks too much like one of my craziest exs, so I hated having to watch Des onscreen (made my skin crawl).

I wondered the same thing about Locke and Rose, if they'd lose their newfound health now that the energy field has been "disturbed". I don't think NotHenry is really the top guy, maybe the second-in-command. Another theory I have is that The Others were originally Dharma recruits that eventually figured out they were being experimented on instead of living out the ideal/philosophy they signed up for, they became disillusioned. So, they've abandoned the Hanso-sponsored research project and are instead conducting their own, following the "ideals" that drove them to the Dharma Initiative in the first place. Does that make sense? That's why they'd need children (unspoiled subjects), and why they're so organized, capable and secretive. But that pokes a HUGE hole into the abandoned medical hatch... gah! I think next season we'll be getting backstories on The Others. Oh yeah, I was confused and thought Kelvin was Kate's bio-dad but I guess he's not. If any of you like snark, like I do, the recaps on are TDF.

I have no theories about the foot, I missed it cos I had to leave the room for a few minutes...

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