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My husband and I had a mini-debate with the episode on pause: Would you shoot two people, and lead four others into a trap in order to get your child back? My husband rejected that as a possible justification for what Michael did, as the man clearly had other options (based on the info we have available to us right now). The upshot -- yes, sorry for Michael after the scene with Walt, but no sympathy for the choices he made.

Eko -- very hot.

Not enough shirtless Daniel Dae Kim.

Sayid -- thank god someone showed some common sense. Oh, and hot.


Becca, this is a good point, and brings up one of my biggest beefs with how the characters on the island interact with each other. You'd think that a group of people on a hostile island with a group of vigilantes trying to kill them would opt for transparency, wouldn't you? But frlom the very beginning they've all been hoarding information. If I was the one trying to get my kid back, I'd go straight back and tell the rest of the group to come up with a plan to get Walt back and then break the other 4 out of the camp.

But I'd probably kill Ana Lucia first anyway.


NC wanted Jin to give a lengthy eulogy, in Korean, not subtitled, at the funeral(s).

We've been picking on poor Daniel Dae Kim since "Angel". I've probably mentioned this before, but he is our original Handsome Assertive Asian Man. He's no Tony Leung Chiu-Wai--pause for google image search/hyperventilation--but he's still cute and, you know, providing visibility for AZN performers and people in general. NC can do an almost-pitch-perfect imitation of Daniel Dae Kim. It's funny.

I found it really interesting that both Eko and Locke have chosen isolation after their shared experience.

I, too, am ready for the season to be over. Mostly because watching TV on a set schedule is annoying and a pain in the ass (we watch a total of two shows, both of us watch Lost and NC watches BSG, so there's no justification for TiVo or similar). I'm much more partial to DVD compilations.


It appears that Locke and Eko have switched roles entirely, Eko is now plastered in front of the computer putting in those numbers and Locke is trekking down the beach alone...hmm.
And thank goodness Sayid took a moment to think about Michael's behavior, it was so obvious he was up to something.
And Alex from the Others is Rousseau's baby Alex?
And I would so NOT give my baby any vaccine without knowing exactly what it is!
BTW, so glad Ana Lucia is out of the picture.

boxing octopus

I'm with you, Moxie, and would have tattled my ass off to my own people before murdering two innocent women to recover my child. Especially since everyone in the camp was so overjoyed to see Michael -- there's simply no explanation why his character would all of a sudden be so weak-minded and -willed. I'm calling bullshit.

I think that the island is slowly sucking out these people's IQs. Hence Charlie's selfish disposition of the camp's only source of pain medication, Claire eager to inject her son with an unknown substance, etc. Idiots. UGH. SO ANNOYING.

And I missed the final task of the Amazing Race for this krizzap.


This kind of episode is the reason my brother quit watching. You're at the end of the season..dying for answers..and you get an episode that takes you almost nowhere. (Except learning what happened to Michael.)

And why WHY murder two women instead of just going to Jack -- who is always willing to take off into the woods with a gun -- and telling him the truth?

Except he had to let NotHenry go. I forgot that part.

I feel so angry and Michael and sorry for him at the same time.

And Miss Clue? Totally bugged me from the minute I heard her name.

My guess? Behind those hatch doors is a state of the art research facility. Walt said, "They aren't who they seem." To heck with the huts and fishing nets.

I'm excited for the finale..just so we can finally move forward again, but I know they'll leave us with a huge cliffhanger for the summer.

Hope your visit with your mom was great!


Have totally given up on Interactive game. Utter crap as far as I can tell. Will probably miss out on something huge, feh.

Best moment of the show for me - paraphrasing here of course -
Sawyer: Cause you're the closest thing I have to a friend, Doc. And she's gone.
Got v, v teary until he said "and now we get to kill some people."

Add my voice to the chorus of "WTF is Claire thinking even considering randomly shooting her baby full of drugs that she knows nothing about?" WTF I say!

Add my voice to the chorus of Michael is cleary not thinking clearly. Why not have a stealth brigade right behind you in case Ms. Clue is lying. How can he trust these people?

Who's on that sail boat? Desmond?

Other than that, come on finale! Was that Locke destroying the computer?


When Desmond was in the hatch and they did his whole morning routine montage (with kicky music accompaniment), he injected something into himself, so I am guessing it is the same something Charlie gave Claire. I imagine it's some kind of mind-control substance.

The first thing I thought when they drew blood from Michael was that Walt was "The Chosen One" and they were checking Walt's paternity to see if there was some kind of super-natural at work. I believe they did something similar in Star Wars with Annakin.

And Hugo thinks Libby was a psychologist or a psychiatrist or something. So very sad.

Sayid totally figured Michael out. If you were going across the island to a group of hostile people, you'd want to take your biggest, baddest with you. Kate and Hugo would not be at the top of my list. Sayid, Jin, Eko, Sawyer, even Ana-Lucia but not Kate who already proved they can capture her.

Lisa C.

Ha! So Michael isn't an Other, he's just trying to get his kid back! I guessed this a couple of weeks ago.

Honestly I'm gettin a little tired of the show. So slow. So much filler. Too many characters. As wix said, it's far better suited to DVD where you can watch everything back to back and skip the bad episodes.

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