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i would pay US dollars to see a photo of a vaseline'd baby with puffins stuck all over his head.

we haven't tried puffins with CX, but he's been off of cereal-as-a-snack for a while now. he's obsessed with cheese crackers of any available variety, and his once-beloved veggie booty sits in plain view on the counter, waiting to be begged for. o, fickle youth.

Her Bad Mother

I was going to say the very same thing - cash dollars for photo!


Ooh, vaseline babies look icky yucky though and it is SO hard to get off. When my little brother was about 18 months old, he managed to scale his bureau, grabbed the tub of vaseline, and slicked himself up from head to toe (fully clothed at the time, mind you). He had slicked back greaser hair for nearly a week despite my mom's efforts (I believe she used every shampoo in the house, and then moved on to things like tomato juice, beer, and peanut butter).


Everytime I read this I see " I'm considering eating ...." Then I get confused when I get to the vaseline and go back and re-read. It's weirding me out.

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