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Lisa V

We lived in Tucson for awhile. One of our big laments here is to never be able to find authentic Mexican food. Here it's all gringo Mexican. The closest we get is that there is a good Taco truck in a small town near here. That town has a lot of migrant workers, so my guess is that the food followed them.


Hey, if you're going to go off the flush, that sounds like the way to do it. better than twinkies or something.

your date sounds great.


Just reading about your meal makes my stomach hurt because I ate the same meal on our last day in Texas and then was sick for 2 days after (primarily due to allergies). I spent my entire 10 days away off of fat flush for the most part (really, really off- I was a bad bad girl) but returned home to have lost 3 pounds. The flax seed oil and EPO really are incredible. Oh and my last date was right after your last one, so umm maybe I should investigate doing something about that lol.

Jo Anna

YUM!!! Now, I wanna go home (South Texas).

Love your writing, BTW. Glad to have found your blog!

Jo Anna


Moxie, where do you get the unsweetened cranberry juice for the FFP? We live in a part of NJ where there aren't any specialty stores (ie, Whole Foods, TJs, etc) and I can't seem to find it.


Date? What is this date you speak of? LOL, it's our own fault for never planning ahead.

That meal sounds delicious. I agree, if you're going to cheat, go for broke. We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant for a work dinner last week and I had lots of bread and crab ravioli in a lobster cream sauce. Yum...

Brooklyn Girl

And the name of that restaurant would be???? That food sounds amazing.


yeah, i'm all for finding out the name too! do tell.


It's La Palapa, on St. Mark's Place (in Manhattan) between 1st and 2nd Aves (closer to 1st, on the north side of the street). I'd read mixed reviews, but the stuff I had (which was all mostly street food) was great.

Her Bad Mother

Congrats on date! Sounds wonderful. Someday, I too hope to date my husband again...

In the meantime, I will just salivate about yummy, yummy autentico Mexican food. Mmm.

Is it wrong to say/write out loud that I am now probably more likely to dream of Mexican food tonight than of a date with my husband?


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