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ok well I smoke and when I stteard when I was 14 I youst to think it was cool. I am now 20 and I have stteard to get fine lines around my eyes and dark circles I so wish I never stteard people think I look 7 years older than I am. But my boyfriends mother smokes and she's in her mid sixtys and looks amazing.


I have always been daisppointed on Valentines day, and my hubby doesn't ever do anything for me. I was ok with that and Valentines day, because I hoped every year it would change. Then one year he got fired on Valentines day, so now it's just a reminder of that, so I am one of those people who isn't too keen on it. But I do intend to enjoy the day with my kiddos and they will make hubby a valentines card so I will enjoy that part of the holiday!


I was on my own variation of the Atkins diet years ago. During the first two weeks, I lost about ten ponuds then I lost about 3 ponuds a week, for a total loss of 35 ponuds. My variation stuck with the atkins diet except for one change. After the initial two weeks, I allowed myself one splurge day each week. I could eat whatever I wanted on that day. It worked because I wastn't tempted to cheat throughout the week. I saved my cravings for my splurge day.


and, I doubt she's seriously mad at you or annhtiyg.. I do remember some terribly annoying ones and a turn around in the behavior and not being absolute jerks.. yeah, can be a turn on.but there are definitely some I would not chance talking to again cuz I just don't remember them in a good light. the apology letter would have been enough to let me see different. it's nice to see people just turn nice. but you can respect that if you were a total jerk that she wouldn't want to talk to you if you don't have an every day reason to see each other. the email or messaging only thing is a cushion for her if you really were that bad. there's always the idea in the back of the head that he'll lapse back but you can control it by how you react.I'd say you already let her know that you were sorry, that you just found her again, now then would be the time to show you are a master of small talk and meaningless stupid things that are by no means weighty yet delightfully entertaining. Do you remember any common ties, things you could've been interested in? shoot then email, message or whatever, and talk about it in your monologue type way, girls do this all the time. see if you get a response out of that.. it's the you're-trying-to-bond and show you're decent and want a talking-with-you and you-can-be-comfortable-writing-back phase and hopefully she'll bite and you have her hooked. trust me, she'll see it. otherwise, be proud you've sorted things and look for someone receptive


I'm sorry, there's really no such thing as a safe diet pill. They alomst all contain stimulants that can damage the cardiovascular system, and then there's Alli, which can give you explosive diarrhea, so I don't think you want that pill either. Diet and exercise should work perfectly fine. I think you're probably either not giving it enough time (you should give it at least a month before you decide you're not seeing results), or you aren't dieting or exercising right.As for your diet, you should be eating high protein, high fat (saturated not trans, and no that's not unhealthy), low carb, low sugar. Keep your calorie intake around 1500 a day, carbs around 100-150 g a day, and as little added sugar as you can manage. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies too.And you need to push yourself when you exercise. A nice easy pace won't do anything. You have to get sweaty, tired, and work hard. If you don't feel tired when you're done, if you're not out of breath, you're not doing it right. And you need to do both cardio and weight training, but on different days. Try and work out for at least an hour, 4-6 days a week.


I honest to god have no way to anwser whether she is attached or not, her profile only gives so much information regarding herself. I doubt that even if she weren't and she knows about how things were back then there might just not be enough love between us to get into a relationship of sorts, secretly I hope it will be of course and it would be the best outcome this could have.Actually, I did say sorry to her (it was that second message I sent her), and explained that there were other things on my mind and I wasn't proud of the things I did afterwards etc. and she didn't respond to that. Though it could have of course been that she sees it as something that is settled and didn't want to send anything back, or she forgot to reply.Knowing this, makes it an awkward situation. I know I shouldn't have been like this to her but I know I wouldn't have been like that if those events before she appeared didn't happen and I want to convince her of that. Since I only have one way to contact her, it makes things much harder and I myself just can't figure out the next step I should take here.


fish oil is very good and so are vitamins but take them after or befroe a meal. eat fish and or chicken everyday and drink milk twice a day. you should also be seeking professional coaching right now if your serious about joining football such as training with them right now. you need to learn proper technique for any exercising involving football. you should also workout twice a day, early in the morning and in the evening except the weekends for recovery. these is only the basics.


'you know you want some of this' and I just looked at him and said 'I would break you' It wasn't a ropnesse he was looking for, I think he thought he would embarrass me but he was the one that got embarrassed especially when I ID'ed him for his purchase.


You're **passing** on potty training a kid that WANTS to be potty trinead?? You crazy, crazy girl! Several times I have experienced the horrors of missing my window of opportunity in the potty training dept. No good. Trip tips for new potty users:Take a potty seat in the car along with some kitty litter and small plastic bags. Line the pot with the bag and add a small amount of kitty litter. let kid use potty. Knot bag and toss. The end. Can be done on the side of the road. No big deal.Take it from a mother that had kids train as old as 4-and-a-half don't go there!


Ummm . . . I would look that up hahah . But I know that you could lose 5 10 pounds a week by exiniczerg, eating right(Its ok to have a snake now and then) and drink LOTS of water :*)


I was also thinking about the irvtneiew questions that were asked; and the irvtneiewers are asking the questions that they feel their audience (British magazines or TV shows) want to hear her talk about. This is all part of Angie's job; and she does a great job. Even if you know she has been asked the question a zillion times; she always answers in a polite, respectful, interesting way.Cherrysnowdrop: I disagree with you comment that she gets put down for caring and talking about her humanitarian work. Most articles that I read, that say negatives about her, do still comment positively about her humanitarian work. Even when you read comments, people who don't like here, pretty much agree that she does a lot of good with her humanitarian work. Her and Brad have both made comments (I am just paraphrasing / summarizing) that they use they celebrity status to draw attention (publicity) to topics that they want highlighted (Katrina, Darfur, Haiti, International Criminal Court, etc.) I am so glad that one reporter asked her about Pakistan. And her first part of her answer was great, addressing the donor fatigue due to all of these humanitarian issues. This past year, there has been an extraordinary large amount of disasters. She also reminds us to remember after it is out of the news. And in telling how her and Brad are trying to figure out where is the best place to donate your money; it encourages people to do their own research and make sure your donations are going to the areas with the most need and to the organizations that are able to make the most impact.


Hi Chris, wow, I had no idea that you filmed this! HILARIOUS!In fact, once in a while, like this mornnig, I still look up on my wall here at work at my Scholastic award that they gave me that night! I was wondering if you could (relatively easily) burn me a copy of this onto dvd and mail it to me?PO Box 5861 Banff AB T1L 1G8You can also email me if need be: I would VERY much appreciate it!Too funny!Tina Barzo


This strikes me as inteiestrng, but incomplete. Catherine of Aragon, for example, also had a great deal of political influence (at one time, at least) and she was left sole regent when Henry went to war in France England won a great victory at Flodden during her regency, and, she crowed about in her letters to Henry. So, I am not sure how much of Anne's problem was due to her influence. I think the issues with regard to Anne's failure to behave as a queen should were also affected by (a) her social status (she wasn't of royal blood, as was Catherine) and (b) her handling of the personal sphere (Anne objected to Henry's infidelity, whereas Catherine was silent). Glad to have discovered this site, though.


Very interesting details you have noted , thankyou for posting . "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive" by Sir Walter Scott.


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