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I am totally in the midst of my quadrennial obsession with curling. And women's hockey. There is a curling club nearby and I really want to try it! And reading your post, I just realized I did the same thing--imagined my kid as an Olympic athlete instead of myself! Although husband has her playing in the NBA, so I am figuring Summer rather than Winter Olympics.


About that balance thing, curling actually requires huge amounts of it. I was lucky enough to do a trial curling match at a local club open house, and man curling was tiring. I was panting after trying the broom sweeping thing(way harder than it looks!) and sported many bruises by the end of the evening from falling over on the ice. It was fun though! But definitely not easy.


If I live in Canada again, I am joining a curling team.


i just like the name, 'curling'. it makes me think of taking a dull knife or scissor blade to those shiny curling ribbons and attaching them to balloons. that's what curling is to me: creating a room full of balloons trailing spiral streamers.


Oh God, Moxie, last night we were watching and said almost the same thing: "What if one of our kids..." and I didn't even think of it as a shifting perspective.

Incidentally, I am dying to try curling!


Hey Moxie,
I met and had a conversation with Bill Clinton at the Bedford Movie Theater this past December. It was just us and,of course, the
Secret Service. It just so happened that we both took bathroom breaks - different movies-at the same time and ran into each other in the lobby. He was charming and friendly. I must say I was on Cloud Nine for a long time!!!

Nikki S

i have #8. i even practice my speech, usually in march. sorry about typing, burned thumb, only using 1 hand. 4 olympics, u might think abt shooting, or archery--look at gina davis. did u know i'm related to bode miller by marriage?


If you can find the stats about the weights and such of current women athletes, I'd LOVE to see them! If they are "normal" as opposed to what we women are being conditioned for, that could do a LOT to help women in general when it comes to self-esteem!

(Though I have to say, the Canadian Womens Hockey team were TINY - even with the half-mile's worth of padding!)

Jen (yup, another one)

Am I crazy or cruel? When I watched the Opening Ceremonies, I said to Harpo (with total agreement from Cait), "I love you but I don't want you to be an Olympian." I want our kid to have a normal life without all the pressure and weirdness of super-acheivement. It seems to me that child stars, whether Hollywood or sports, don't get to experience the ordinary pleasures of life. Maybe that one moment with the gold is worth it all, but the other thing that concerns me is all the kids who WON'T be Olympians who get pushed and pressured through all of the competition and angst starting as young as 4 or 5 (like the soccer kids around here). If our kid wants to do sports, great. But I would hope we could find a way to do it that is balanced.


I was noticing the same thing about the women athletes' weights (well, not in figure skating). I kept thinking "5'5" and 135 lbs? Now that's somethin' I can get behind!" Plus the attitudes of the lady half-pipe gals rock. I'm gonna push... I mean "encourage" Hannah to do that! :)


Mostly I'd like to be the kind of person who wins the MacArthur Award. Oh, well.


Bleh... my cousin's been training for the Olympics (Canada) for as long as I can remember. I think she's about 18 now. She might make it for 2010, or so her mother breathlessly gushes to everyone in a 60 mile radius. Honestly, I don't care because the last time I saw her, she was the most unbelievable bitch I'd ever met, the sort that really, you want to strangle on sight.

She's got a younger sister with Downs and she's mean, cruel and unconcerned. So's her mother, for that matter. Sometimes the younger girl doesn't get meals because they were all so busy preening over Little Star's recently exploits. Makes me sick.

The whole attitude of adoration/neglect over the two sisters is just... incredibly sad. And it's why I never watch the Olympics. I imagine too many mothers and fathers who have nothing better to do than glorify one child at the expense of any others.


Yikes, KT. I wonder how many Olympics families are like that.


I love your goals--wishing you a MacArthur, and Chow Yun-Fat to go with it--and like you, I am watching myself move to a place where my desires and dreams are more for my children than myself. Which, since I'm almost forty, is no doubt way overdue.


Uh, Wyoming? Moxie, my FIL lives in Wyoming, and trust me, you are NOT a good fit for governor of that state.

You do remember Cheney's from Wyoming, right?

It's a lovely, great place, and there's some real good food in Laramie, and I adore Yellowstone, and I know I80 across Wyoming better than any Minnesota girl should, but Moxie, you are NEVER going to be governor of Wyoming.

Try North Dakota. They could get behind you. The Lutheran thing would help.


Total off track, but I gotta tell ya...for some reason the filter at work (I work at a high school) won't let me read your site. tells me why it is off limits...apparently the is just tooo riskee.

Thought you might be amused.

BWT as a native NoDak...they tend to frown on the progressives in the governor's mansion....but they have had the Dems in the house and senate for as long as can remember...maybe a possibility?

- Tammi


I just realized that I have never fantasized about being an Olympic athlete myself. I think I've always known that my athletic ability would sooner land me on Pluto than in the Olympics.
We fantasize all the time about the perfect Olympic sport for JR, though. Especially since he'll be eligible in two countries. Of course, if he's on a Kazakhstan Olympic team, we'll never get to see him on TV. Small price to pay, eh?

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