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"Edward Scissorhands on speed"
Loved the cake - how sweet!
And yes, absolutely, check the kids in on the next flight :)
Glad you survived it all.


Ack! We're flying with Cole on Saturday morning and now I'm totally freaked out (even though he was fine on a longer flight a few months ago). Luckily, it seems like you kept your wits about you. Or you're like me and you self-censor a little too much :)


Oh man, I would have been jumping out of my skin at that delay. Jamie's the same way. There's a window, and once that window has been exceeded, look the heck out.

Has EP started shoving his finger up your nose and then trying to yank it off your face yet? Good, good times.


Now I understand the meltdown comment over at Momo's. I would have flown that plane myself.


So instead of a funny, overenthusiastic baby grabbing my cheeks, it was Edward Scissorhands on speed. Or a wolferine. A wolverine trying to gouge out my nostrils, rip out my hair, bite through my sweater, wing my glasses across the room, buck his head into my chin, and hurl himself off my lap.
And we weren't even close to taking off yet.

Oh yeah. My daughter insisted on touching (in some way, and rarely nicely) my other breast as she nursed. This was simply annoying at home. In public, it generally became a three ring circus.

It sounds like you had a hellish trip...I hope the cake was as divine (and rewarding) as it sounds


You mean the house wasn't a disaster? AND there was cake? that's quite a husband you've got.


meghan, if he was fine before, he'll be fine on Saturday. El P was a nightmare flying from the beginning.

Wood, yes, the house was clean and there was cake. I've been home for less than 36 hours and the house is a disaster and there's no cake. We defy the gender stereotypes day in and day out here at Casa Laid-Off Moxie.


I'm in awe. The next time I find myself bitching about carrying both kids from the house to the car with nothing but a diaper bag, I will promptly bitch slap myself with a Dr. Brown bottle, and carry on with my day.

Woman, you deserved MUCH more than cake.


I second the awe. I don't think I would have the nerve to fly with 2 young children and no supporting adults. Actually, now that the second child has arrived, I'm planning on driving everywhere for a while.

Linda B

Wow, you didn't break down and cry like a little girl? I am impressed. Because that is what I would have done. You're brave.


Wow, this one sounds like it might be for the record books. (Although given the state of airline travel these days, who knows?) Definitely beats my solo night flight to Israel with an 11-month old and her Britax montrosity...the worst thing about that was that it wasn't supposed to be solo--but post-9/11 they don't look kindly on expired passports, even when they are held by very contrite, very trustworthy husbands.

I hope you enjoyed every inch of that cake! Yum!


Oh blessings on you! I am very impressed with the car seats, too: I keep trying to figure out, logistically, how you did it, but coming up one or two arms short. Have decided you must be a Hindu goddess with six arms. (I am doubly impressed because I just dont bring the car seats on flights, which garners me dirty looks from the attendants, but what, they think the Britax is going to help if the plane crashes?)

I am flying in two weeks with two boys ages three and one, and we just returned yesterday from a trip that involved fifteen hours of driving in three days, and let me tell you, you have my fullest, most Britexy sympathy for that last flight. Oy, vey. No PILOT? That's like the time at my old job where we had to cancel an emergency surgery because the surgeon had a psychotic break and started strutting around the OR and clucking like a chicken.

Nikki S

Happy birthday! What a trip. And here I am worried because I have a 6 am flight next week. By myself. What a baby.


Ahhh that sounds awful. I have flown a lot with our 2 year old son and thankfully nevr been stuck in a plane like that. The best flights for us are either short, less tahn two hours, or really long, more than 8 hours. I don't like those 5 hour flights in the middle of the day. It means a restless toddler and no sleep

Nice weekend



You are brave! I am terrified of traveling with two kids, even with a supporting adult. I don't think I'll be going anywhere once I have this one. Aidan was enough alone. I felt like a clown with all my crap to travel with and entertain him. I can't even imagine two.


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