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Well I don't know if this would qualfy as in INTERESTING thing to post but I do have a request. You've got Olympic fever, as do I, and you say you've watched some curling, as have I. Have you any freaking clue how the sport is scored? I've watched probably a total of 90 minutes of curling evenly divided between men & women and I do not get it. Every time I think I'm looking at the score it's the "stone count". Any help you could give would be appreciated.

Nikki S

So is spicy shrimp your idea of sexy dinner? We were debating this last night (at an Indian restaurant). What is "Valentine's Day food"? Should it be sexy? Is it regional? Clearly, it's different for the married folk; I'm pretty sure my sister avoided the garlic pasta...


I had just tried to convince my husband that some male ice skaters were, indeed, straight. Then there were the costumes... Oh well, you win some, you loose some. :)

And I'm right there with you on Ligety. His mom made me cry and I thought about you and the shifting of dreams from us to our kids. Not altogether a bad thing. But then I saw the 34-year-old speed skating mother of a two-year-old...


'Ligety split' he was winner!


So now I want to see you figure skate. Please!
And that poem...a winner : )


Thank you for posting this, Moxie. So glad to know I'm not the only intelligent, busy woman who has been sucked into watching the Olympics endlessly. I'll only watch the cool events, I tell myself, but there are so many cool events! So many fast, dangerous, and/or beautiful events!

At least this Olympics, young as it is, has already been full of admirable women. The Russian mom-of-a-toddler speedskater that Julia mentioned is one of them, and the young snowboarder who flew as high as any of the men, and my favorite, the Chinese pair skater Zhang who fell and injured herself and then still skated a medal-winning routine. Weaker sex, my ass.


i haven't watched this year, which is a shame because i always like the winter sports better than the summer sports. and i loooove the goofy figure skating getups, as embarrassed as i am sometimes for the people wearing them.


Kizz I believe the score works something like tennis. Each game has 5 sets or something in it. For each set each curling team gets to throw 5 stones, whichever team has the stone that is closest to the center at the end of the set wins that set, then you need to win a majority of sets in the game. I don't think those "game, set" terms are correct, but that's the basic jist of it I think.


Ligety. I like it!


We kept saying, "I'll go get it. Ligety spiltedly."

We crack ourselves up.

My fav athelete so far is that Joey Cheek. He's a real mensch.


I'm cracking up over your song choices. . .

I think I'd use '80s hits, too. Like "The Final Countdown" by Europe and Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (which may sound like an odd choice, but it would be good for jumps) or Nena's "99 Luft Balloons."


I am relieved to find I'm not the only one glued to the curling all morning (even my toddler is bored, but me, I'm riveted), and delighted to find out how it's scored. But I missed the pairs and men's skating? This is tragic! Tomorrow night at work I'm turning on the TV in every patient room I visit, whether they want it on or not. I may not sew up those lacerations very well, but I'm going to be up on the winter sports!

Michelle G.

I was just wondering if you would post the recipe for Spicy Shrimp and Garlic Pasta - it sounds yummy!


Thank you Mykal! That starts to make some sense. And, based on that information, the US men's curling team just got royally screwed by the Italians.


Ah, Moxie, it is somewhat killing me that I have lost the desire to follow the winter Olympics. I've never been a huge summer Olympics fan, but the winter Olympics...they were my siren song. And for some reason, not so much this year. Or in 2002, now that I think of it. Perhaps it was being too busy in 2002 that severed the link.

But I did tune into about two minutes of the men's short program, and had to laugh at the current female commentator, who said something suitably mean about a rather obscure skater's choreography. Was it trite? Uninspired? I can't remember the word. But I thought: ah, yes, this is the part of the Olympics I love. That and the pressure you manage to feel over whether some guy in sequins is going to land the quad he needs, or do a single instead of the mandatory triple...why DOES that get my pulse pounding so furiously? Especially in time delay.

For all that, though, I love the speed skating and skiing events best. All those spectacular runs down spotlit hills at night....The ultimate in cool.


Could be worse. You could be waking up at 5:00 a.m. to watch hockey because KAZAKHSTAN is playing Sweden. We spend more time scanning the internet for possible viewings of Kaz athletes than we do actually watching the Olympics.

P.S. - In our house, VD was celebrated with MMM's Winter Mushroom Stew with Wild Rice. (Sound familiar?) :)


Oh! Oh! Oh! I've only been reading blogs for what, 2 years or so, and I JUST NOW figured out that TwoBert and Robert are El Pequeno and El Chico! ("Figured out" is really giving me too much credit -- but I feel like I just discovered Clark Kent and Superman are the same person or something!)

To the point - LOVE the poem. And I love watching the medal winners as their national anthems are played. Makes me all verklempt.


Moxie ~ just don't skate to an original composition... anything else should be fine. And it's Mother Duds now (thanks for the heads up) at

Ligety Pigety!

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