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Wow, he's crafty, hiding the Dora book. Jackson once lifted some shampoo from a Zellers by sticking it behind him in his "dozer" but he was only maybe 18mos at the time. Wasn't the kind I liked though.....


Wow. That sounds like a truly awful day, except for the Chinese food. I'm glad you're feeling better. El Chico certainly is creative - you have to tell us how he reacts to taking the book back.

Debbie Hurley

Dear Moxie, I was so happy that you saw my site and gave me a comment. I am so sorry for your dad. I use to think that depression made me weak person but I have come to realize just the opposite. If I had to do it all over again, I would want to go through the same amount of pain because I have learned so much about myself. My illness had made me so strong and so deep. I pray that your dad will someday look at himself as a strong person. I hope you stay on a healthy path and please e mail whenever. Love Debbie


Thanks Moxie for the link about the neti pot. Dork that I am I thought it was some kind of herb. So glad you're feeling better. M

Lisa C.

Ack, I just bought the Moosh a Dora/Blue's Clues book set at Barnes and Noble today! For the record, I wanted to get the Dr. Seuss classic Ten Apples Up On Top but I was overruled and there were six books in the set and it was only 10 bucks... Somehow I fear that I will be sucked into crappy book land for the next month.


This is unnerving: I think you may be living my life. Or I may be living yours. Right down to the beloved cleaning lady whom the two small boys worship, the fraught leaving of irreplaceable clothing items in bookstores, and the eating of dinners in the carpeted living room.

In other words, I am so glad to have found your blog! (Via Midwestern Deadbeat). Am looking forward to reading your archives tonight in lieu of doing laundry, paying bills, or reading boring article for work.

Also, I am going to make all my patients by Neti pots from now on. I mean, most of them are keen on putting things up their noses ANYWAY...


Sorry you've been feeling so crappy, but you are so right about the Dora books. They are right down there with the Scooby Effing Doo books in

Lisa V

I can't fathom having to truck all our clothes to the laundry- my gosh I think it's a pain in the ass to walk up and down the stairs to my basement, I will never bitch again.

It sounds like the day from hell.But what a great entry. I especially love "the Graduate" imitation.

Sunshine once stole lipstick from the drugstore. When we took it back the dumbass clerk kept saying "It's okay, she can keep it." I had to insist on paying for it.

The only time I have seen a neti pot used was by the creepy husband on Six Feet Under.



I'm happy to have found your blog; thanks for the laughs.

I had the distinct pleasure of trying to explain a neti pot to my then-three-year-old son who had stumbled upon my DK illustrated yoga book. There's a fun afternoon, I tell ya!

Glad you're starting to feel better!


What a day. Loved the image of your little one as the Graduate. And so you're raising a little shoplifter, huh? Just KIDDING.
Hope you're feeling a lot better today.

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